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Rex Burkhead's mom gets the perfect Super Bowl sendoff

Robyn Burkhead poses behind her door with signs dedicated to her son's Super Bowl campaign in Atlanta. (via Twitter-Rachel Goldsticker)

The Patriots will have a few extra fans cheering them on in Dallas this week. Well, they'll at least be cheering for running back, Rex Burkhead.

On Tuesday morning students and teachers at Jackson Elementary School in Plano, Texas, surprised Robyn Burkhead, Rex's mom, with a Super Bowl sendoff of her own.

The fifth grade teacher will head to Atlanta to cheer on her son and her students and fellow teachers wanted her to know they were thinking of her and her family. Many of them have met Rex over the past few years and their personal connection to him is the only way these Cowboys fans would cheer on the Patriots.

"It's so funny because you have a lot of like 'I don't really want the Patriots to win, but I want Rex to win,'" said Rachel Goldsticker, Robyn's co-worker who organized the effort. "So they were just excited to do something fun and support Rex."

To get the students involved, Rachel and her fellow teachers gave them time before the end of the school day to flex their creative muscles. Some of the kids took their artwork home to make sure they had the best posters to share with Robyn.

"She was excited. Especially some of the best ones, the most detailed ones are made by kids who you don't think would produce that kind of quality," Rachel said. "It kind of shows you know, that they put heart into it and what-not. So that was really exciting for her to see."

Rex, who went to schools in the Plano Independent School District, regularly gives back to the community, and for them to return those good feelings by decorating Robyn's door and cheering Rex on means the world to the Burkhead family.

"I think it's fantastic," Robyn said. "It just feels good to know that you have the love and support of the people that are around you. Even though we are right here in Cowboys country, they all are very supportive of Rex and of our family. So it means a lot."

As she readies herself for the big game on Sunday she leaves Plano knowing that her community is backing her son.

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