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Rob Gronkowski: 'I wish I cliff jumped with Tom Brady'


Tom Brady's offseason has been so awesome that even Rob Gronkowski is a little bit jealous.

Our favorite fun-loving tight end appeared on ESPN's "NFL Live" Tuesday afternoon to talk about everything he's done since football season ended and how his time off compares with Tom's.

"I'm just having a blast, traveling around the country, visiting all my friends, visiting my family and doing new things," Gronk told host Trey Wingo.

And even after traveling from coast to coast, dancing on national TV and hanging out at Angels' spring training, Gronk explained nothing has been able to top the Patriots championship parade.

"I went to that parade with no expectations," he said. "I never had a parade before, and I'm telling you, the parade was the best experience I've ever had. Going through the city of Boston with that many fans, it was just an unbelievable experience. The best two hours of the offseason so far was that parade."

While Gronk has undeniably had an exciting couple months, Trey asked something many of us have been thinking: is teammate Tom Brady trying to outdo Gronk with hisbeach vacations, star-studded activities*and infamous cliff jump*?

"I hope he is," Gronk said with a laugh. "I want to see him out there doing all that crazy stuff. It's cool seeing him do that. The cliff jumping was pretty wild. I personally haven't cliff jumped in a while and I was like, 'Damn, that's a good idea.' I kind of wish I was with him when he was cliff jumping."

But don't worry, Gronk isn't easily outdone when it comes to enjoying life.

"Maybe I'll do some cliff jumping like Tom," he joked when asked about plans for the rest of his time off. "Maybe I'll go up a couple more feet than Tom."

Despite the jokes, Gronk recorded a special message for Tom, warning him, "Don't you ever jump off another frickin' cliff again!" Check out the funny "Gronk Cares" segment below.

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