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Rob Gronkowski Media Availability Transcript 11/12

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski addressed the media during media availability on Thursday, November 12, 2015.


Q: What stands out about the New York Giants defense?

RG:High energy. They come, they're ready to play, they're physical and it looks like they just love playing the game of football out there because they're always around the ball. They're always trying to create turnovers and they play hard.

Q: Tom Brady noted that they are prone to creating turnovers. Is that something you've seen?

RG:Yeah, like I just said, they're always going for turnovers, always going for the ball. Ball security is definitely a huge part of the week, huge part of the game. They're trying to either strip you or make a play in the passing game, so you've just got to be prepared for that.

Q: Are some opponents tougher than others and do you expect this to be one of the toughest?

RG:Yeah, they're tough every week. The level of play in the NFL is always at a high level no matter what, and the toughness is always at a high level. [We're] just expecting them to be tough just like any other team and knowing that we've got to prepare ourselves and give it back to them.

Q: What is it that makes them so good at creating turnovers?

RG:They're always around the ball. If it's one tackler then the other one comes in and tries to create the turnover. They're always all hustling. They've got a lot of high-energy-type players so they're always trying to get around the ball and create turnovers.

Q: How do you go about sustaining drives?

RG:You've just got to get a first down. Get some first downs, get the first first-down, get on a roll, get a rhythm going, and not just go out there and go three-and-out and stuff. From the first play start getting positive yards.

Q: How do you personally get yourself in rhythm?

RG:That's a good question. You always want to get in a rhythm. You always want to be in top-performance rhythm for sure. It's a lot of factors – the way the game is going – there's a lot put into it. I'd say just the way the game is going, I would say is definitely one of the key moments to it.

Q: How does Michael Williams size up with the rest of the tight ends you've worked with?

RG:He's great to work with. He comes in every day, gets what he needs to get down and goes out to practice and works hard. Being a former offensive tackle the last few years, he's doing a tremendous job in the passing game, running routes at his size, it's unbelievable. He's been picking up things super quick – super quick in the pass game and the run game. It's just great to have him out here because he's a super good blocker, too.

Q: Have you been able to pick up anything from him when it comes to blocking?

RG:Oh yeah, I mean you see a couple of his moves and how he's just driving guys off the ball. He's definitely a very, very good player in that aspect.

Q: In preparing this week, how much do you watch your previous matchups against the Giants?

RG:That's usually in the past but they've still got some of the same few guys, some of the same few schemes and everything so you can pull up a little bit of that, too, along with the other games they've had this year, too. So you can get a little bit of something from watching those games that we've played them in the past, too.

Q: Does watching any of those previous games against them bring up some bad memories?

RG:Yeah, you never want to revisit those memories but it's definitely in the past and we've got a chance to prove ourselves now, this Sunday. They're a good team and we've got to be ready.

Q: What do you get out of watching those prior games seeing how much the rosters have turned over?

RG:The same schemes, the same coaches have been there. [Tom] Coughlin's been there for many years now, doing a great job. You get to pick up what you remember, how they blitz or what kind of coverage they had, and see if they're still doing it this year. It just helps you out a little bit there. It's definitely a new game though this Sunday, new team, so we've got to be prepared for them coming up this Sunday.

Q: How would you describe Julian Edelman out on the field?

RG:Julian, I mean he's a beast for his size. His quickness, his ability, his speed all together just forms him into the unbelievable player that he is. His variation of being able to play many positions – he's not just an unbelievable receiver out there. The skills he has at punt returning, and returning kicks is what I like seeing him most do. It's most impressive to me is him making everyone miss out there and getting yards for us so we can start on offense in good field position.

Q: How would you be as a punt returner?

RG:I always wanted one. I think if I got some room and caught it on the move I think I could do some damage. Just don't let me catch it when there are already 100 guys in front of me. I need to be on my wheels already.

Q: How impressed have you been at the blocking job the receivers have done this season?

RG:Super impressive. Our wide receivers, I know they're not just coached to go out there and catch balls. You've got to have a balanced offense and them blocking just helps out the running game a lot, especially when the running back gets to the second level. It just helps gain us yards and get first downs and make shorter second downs a lot easier if we're gaining more yards on first [down].

Q: How are they able to clear so much space given their size?

RG: They're tough. Our receivers aren't guys that are going to patty-cake around. Our receivers are tough. They grind. They can take hits. They can give hits. They work out hard and they're strong.

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