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Robert Edwards Press Conf.

Foxboro Stadium, Foxborough, MARobert Edwards speaks to the press.



            **Q:  Robert, are you starting to feel more comfortable?**  

RE: Yeah, I think that is the whole key. The more and more I'm out there and practicing, the better I feel and the more confidence I get in myself. I felt good today. Hopefully I can continue to get better.

Q: Are you eager to see how you are with the contact part of this game?

RE: Yeah, I think that is the next step-the contact. Mentally I've got to prepare myself to be ready for that part of the game because it is a physical game, contact sport. I think that is the next step that I am going to have to face mentally and just get ready for that to happen.

Q: Do you think you'll be afraid to get hit again?

RE: I don't think I will because I look at it as, I didn't get hurt playing football on the field taking contact. I got hurt on the beach and the game we are going to be playing is not going to be played on the beach, it's on grass. I'm excited about that so I'm not really focused on…I am trying to just take my mind away from the contact because I didn't get hurt playing football. So hopefully I can look at it in that way and get out there and do the things I did before I got hurt.

Q: Will you be wearing a brace?

RE: I think during training camp they want me to wear one, but I don't plan on wearing one during the season.

Q: There has been some discussion about your speed and where you stand as compared to the past, are you about the same?

RE: I would say I am pretty close. I never really had blazing speed. Actually I think I have done a lot to get stronger in that part of the game. My running style has changed a little bit, I've altered it a little, but I think the speed is still there.

Q: Altered it in what way?

RE: I don't have full range in my left leg so we're still working on that. If you watch me closely there is a little lag in my running style with my left leg, but I feel good running. I can't feel it when I am running but if you watch film and look closely you can tell.

Q: There are people who say Robert Edwards will never come back. Are they out there, do you ever listen to them?

RE: No, because if you start listening to negative comments then negative things will happen to your body, your mind will think negative thoughts and you'll never be able to overcome them. You only surround yourself with positive people and you do positive things and when things go bad you've got to find the good thing that happens within and say ok this happened but now I can work on this and get it better. You never look at it in a negative perspective because if you do that then you'll never succeed.

Q: Do you think the Patriots are counting on you?

RE: I don't think so. I think they're excited for me, to see me back, and I think they would enjoy having me back and part of the team. But you know, business goes on and the Patriots want to win games. So I'm here to try to help them win.

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