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Samsonite Make Your Case: 17-game NFL Schedule

Paul Perillo and Mike Dussault debate whether they want to see a 17-game schedule.


Per a report from Albert Breer, the NFL and NFLPA finalized the language of the new CBA proposal this week and it will now be passed along to the players for their vote. A key piece to the new CBA will be adding a 17th game to the regular season schedule, something the owners have long coveted and which could now go into effect in the next couple seasons if approved by the players.

The players have opposed this expansion, as the wear and tear of the current schedule is already grueling, but with the addition of another game would come with the elimination of a preseason game along with another cut to the number of padded practices, though each team would still only get one bye week during the season.

This week's Samsonite Make Your Case question of the week is…

Would you like the addition of a 17th regular season game?

Mike Dussault says…


Selfishly I find it hard to complain about getting more football during a season and an extra game will not only give us that, but will give the league a chance to continue to grow the game around the world. No one will mourn the loss of a fourth preseason game, as many proven veterans don't even play in those games while additional roster flexibility that is also included in the new CBA would help give players on the bubble and practice squad more of a chance to make the team and develop.

The hope is that the changes to the practices, addition of roster players and elimination of the preseason game will help offset the injury potential that will be added with an additional game. Further developments to technology and well-planned rule changes could also help continue to make the game safer.

Getting an extra meaningful football game, including an additional playoff game with the elimination of a bye for the second seed, would be a big plus for the league and for fans, with the hope the extra game doesn't mean extra season-impacting injuries.

-- MD

Paul Perillo says …


The players will vote on the new CBA and as is typically the case the young guys will look at the money while the older ones will focus on the long term. I'm an older guy so you know where I'm leaning.

I hate the idea of a 17-game regular season. It disrupts the balance of the schedule and creates inequity in terms of venues and travel. More importantly, I just don't feel football is a game that can be played effectively for much longer than the current setup allows.

Every year the playoff teams arrive in January hoping to either get or stay healthy. The postseason becomes more of a war of attrition. Adding another regular-season week of potential wear and tear will only add to the injury woes that permeate the league.

I have no problem with the extra playoff team because that's a step toward making the playoffs more of an even playing field. But not the regular season. Too often games are decided by the health of the personnel. We constantly add to the workload with Thursday night games, extra Thanksgiving affairs and even Saturday triple headers. At some point enough is enough. Leave the schedule at 16 games.

-- PP

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