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Samsonite Make Your Case: Time for Draft Lottery?

The NBA made some headlines earlier in the week with its draft lottery. Is it time for the NFL to do the same?


Few entities enjoy making a spectacle of seemingly everything like the NFL. Whether it's the unveiling a the schedule, expanding the draft to three days and putting it in prime time or creating an entire season's worth of Thursday night games, the league enjoys the spotlight.

This past week saw the NBA venture into that territory with its annual draft lottery. While the exercise in and of itself is rather benign, the ping-pong balls generated quite a bit of excitement around the league as fans watched to see how it all would unfold.

The aftermath saw some people wondering in the NFL should follow suit. Currently the league maintains its practice of awarding the worst teams the highest draft picks the following season with the idea of creating parity and giving all of its members a chance to succeed.

But the buzz around the NBA's lottery might be too intoxicating for the NFL to pass up. This week we take a look at the possibilities and decide if it would be a good idea. Simply, should the NFL create a draft lottery?

Truth be told, Andy and I don't believe it would make a lot of sense. We both think the NFL should continue with its practice of giving the worst teams the best picks. That way it ensures the best possibility of helping those teams improve, which creates a stronger league where all of its members have a chance to win.

Overall, we're not fans of fabricating excitement for things that really don't deserve any more attention than they get. The draft order is one such example so we hope they don't change a thing.

But that doesn't mean everyone shares our opinion. So rather a debate this week, we simply offer the following poll:

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