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Shane Vereen reveals he's a KatyCat

Nate Solder, T - If Rob Gronkowski is Jimmy Garoppolo’s security blanket, then Solder is the young quarterback’s security fence. Given all the changes and questions on the line, the left tackle needs to be able to be counted on against elite pass rushers, including in this week’s battle with former teammate Chandler Jones.

Real men like Katy Perry songs. Well, at least Shane Vereen does.

The Patriots running back discussed the pop star's Super Bowl show when he joined "The Dave Demshek Football Program" on Tuesday.

It all started when Dave asked Shane if he could hear the half-time performance from the Patriots locker room at University of Phoenix Stadium.

"I can't hear her but I hear the base, the thumping," Shane recalled. "So you can't really make out what song it is. My favorite Katy Perry song is 'Firework.' I was waiting to hear it, couldn't really hear it. Was kind of bummed, you know."

Dave was shocked to hear that the Super Bowl champ had a favorite Katy Perry tune, but Shane insisted he's not alone.

"You'd be surprised how many guys have a favorite Katy Perry song," he said, laughing. "Sometimes the beat just gets your head bobbin' a little."

Thankfully, LeGarrette Blount was there to back his teammate up. 

LeGarrette said he's still a fan of the singer even though she openly declared her support for the Seahawks before the big game.

"We all make mistakes," he joked. "We're gonna try and change that, so make sure she hears this."


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