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Siemens Fantasy Forecast is back!

Siemens Fantasy Forecast is the weekly in-season game that tests Patriots fans' knowledge of their favorite team and its opponent.

Please Note: The pre-season and regular season are counted as a combined season and all games will count towads the season-ending prizes.

Prior to each game, contestants are asked 10 questions based on the upcoming Patriots game plus one trivia question. Those contestants whose answers come closest to the actual answers based on the outcome of the Patriots game are awarded points.

The contestant scoring the most points each week is awarded a prize.

Scores are cumulative. At the end of the season, a Grand Prize will be awarded to the contestant with the most cumulative points. Two Runners-up prizes will also be awarded.

Siemens Fantasy Forecast can be played online at or on a WAP mobile device by going to on your WAP device.

Go to the Fanzone now to login and play Siemens Fantasy Forecast! Make sure you play every week!

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