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So, let's talk about Tom Brady's plaid jacket


Yesterday was a big game for Tom Brady. He ran, he scored, he got a huge chant from the crowd at Gillette Stadium. But all anybody wants to talk about – OK, one of the things people are kind of talking about – is his post-game press conference attire.

After Tom stepped out wearing khakis, a T-shirt and a plaid jacket, he got some criticism from buddy Rodney Harrison on national TV.

"It's probably pretty expensive, but garbage-can material," Rodney said of the jacket.  


"Don't take style advice from Rodney, of all people," he said with a laugh. "He's got a good network gig but he doesn't need to be giving fashion advice."

You go, Tom!

"Of course I'll wear it again," he added. "I love it!"

And he really does. Last year we saw TB12 rock the plaid trench look a couple times. 


Divisive outerwear aside, we can all agree that Tom Brady knows how to make a fashion statement. Take a look back at his best press conference style moments inPatriots Lifestyle's retrospective.

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