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Squish the fish!


From oysters on the half-shell and clams casino to grilled wild salmon and crab cakes, seafood is something we know how to do here in New England. With the Miami Dolphins visiting Gillette Stadium on Sunday, it's the perfect time to consider cooking up some fish for your party. (Now, I know dolphins aren't fish, so hold those comments!). After all, buying local seafood supports the economy and has tons of health benefits too, including:

1. Heart health
Fish adds to cardiac health. The omega-3 fats found in fish can reduce blood fat levels and support you heart with nourishing EPA fatty acid.

2. Lower Alzheimer risk
Eating fish once a week can help preserve the brain's gray matter (cells that process information), securing more memory and understanding.

3. Increased vitamin D
Fish from saltwater sources can provide up to 75 percent of your daily vitamin D, which is certainly a plus during these short winter days.

4. Diminished depression
'Tis the season and anything that helps get you in the spirit is worth a try! DHA, the brain-boosting component in fish, helps ease the effects of depression.

5. Super swimmers
Men who eat more fresh fish have been found to have stronger sperm.

6. Luxurious hair and skin
The healthy omega-3 fats found in fish keep hair and skin moist and shiny. Dry, itchy skin conditions such as psoriasis can be treated with these fats as well.

7. Stronger muscles
Omega-3s are easily burned for fuel, helping you avoid muscle breakdown. For example, herring is highly rich in creatine, an acid that boosts muscle growth and strength.

No fry zone
I would be remiss not to add this important caveat (please don't kill the messenger!): all those great benefits are lost when we fry fish. So consider grilling, baking, broiling, searing or going raw to make the most of your Sunday seafood feast.

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