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Stephen Gostkowski Post-Practice Interview

Rookie kicker Stephen Gostkowski spoke to the media this afternoon at the conclusion of Sunday's Training Camp practice at Gillette Stadium.

Q: Can you talk about your first impression through the first three days of camp?

SG: It's tough. You just have to come out and try to get better everyday. You have to bring the same concentration everyday and that's just what I'm working on: getting better every practice.

Q: How do you feel about the ongoing competition? Is there overwhelming pressure with every kick? Do you know they're watching?

SG: When you're kicking, all eyes are on you anyway. So you never feel good when you miss; you feel good when you make it. You just have to try to be consistent. That's all I'm trying to do right now. If I miss one or two one day, I just have to shake it off and go out the next day. There aren't many kickers that don't miss at all, so I just try to go out there and make a lot more than I miss.

Q: How do you feel it's going so far in the regard? Ones you've made versus ones you've missed?

SG: The ones I've missed I know what I'm doing wrong. It's so early in camp we have plenty of time to go and preseason games. I'd rather miss them in practice than in the games so I'm just working hard everyday.

Q: Do you feel like you are yourself right now or do you feel there are some early camp jitters that you need to get over?

SG: I still think they're a few jitters to get over, but it's expected. I think I've handled it pretty well so far and I feel like I'm doing well. I'm trying to get better and better everyday.

Q: How does it feel to have a coach, a position coach, who knows the ins and outs of kicking probably better than anybody you've ever dealt with?

SG: It's good to have the attention. I try to use what he says and we collaborate together, look at my kicks and I try to take it out there on the field.

Q: How much is it the kicking versus the time? I see him sometimes with the stopwatch; is it more of the form or trying to get the timing down?

SG: It's whether the kick goes through the uprights. You want it to be done in a certain time and to be a certain height, but if it goes in at the end of the day you're not going to complain. That [stopwatch] is just top make sure you have the same time, every time.

Q: What were the distances on the last few you kicked?

SG: I think it was around 44 or something around there.

Q: Where all four of yours the same?

SG: We back up five yards every time.

Q: How about the experience at the mini-camp when they put you out there on the 43-yard line. If you made it there would be no running for the team and if you missed it there would be running; what was that experience like for you?

SG: It was nerve-racking. That's the kind of situation kickers go through and I didn't get mad at the coach for putting me in that situation. We have to be able to handle that type of situation. It threw one on me. I didn't know what to expect. I'm glad I concentrated and didn't let it bother me.

Q: Is that something you carried with you to camp?

SG: I tried to. You try to live off your last kick. I made the last kick today so I feel good going in. You're only as good as your last kick

Q: What are your impressions of [Martin] Gramatica, a guy who's been out of the game for a year?

SG: He's good. I can't worry about what he does. He's good competition. I think he's good but I can't speak for what he's doing or how he's been doing. We all get along out there. We're just out there trying to do our best and try to make the decision as hard as possible for the coaches.

Q: You mentioned earlier that you collaborated with Brad [Seely]. Obviously you have a certain way you like to kick. So how do you balance what he wants you to learn with what you're comfortable doing?

SG: We just talk about it day to day. He tells me what he sees and I tell him how I feel. It's just a give and take relationship so you've just got to work on it everyday.

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