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Super Bowl Fantasy Picks

Having trouble picking players for daily fantasy now that there are only two teams left? Make your decisions confidently with the help of machine learning algorithms and advanced statistics like Situational Value.

QB: Tom Brady

Brady has the edge statistically. By a lot. That's not to say Foles won't continue his hot streak, but statistics favor predictability over "the hot hand". In 2017, Brady's Situational Value is a full 30% higher than Nick Foles, so expect that to translate into a several extra fantasy points. Foles is a boom-or-bust option for value-gamblers.


RB: Rex Burkhead and Legarrette Blount

Rex Burkhead is the clear winner this week; he'll produce, and he'll do it on a budget. He's undervalued compared to Dion Lewis, but he's been producing more points per game than Lewis. Blount is the best bet for Philly this week; he's getting the snaps and making the most of them. Jay Ajayi is a slightly better value on paper, but Blount has proven he can survive the pressure of a Super Bowl before.

WR: Brandin Cooks and Nelson Agholor

Brandin Cooks has consistently been putting up fantasy points all season; he's an expensive pick, but he's worth it. For a value-pick, Nelson Agholor is your man.  His performance is statistically similar to Alshon Jeffery, but nobody is waiting in-line to draft Agholor - scoop him up for some cheap points.


TE: Rob Gronkowski and Zac Ertz

I don't need to show you the data to prove these guys are lock-in TEs today - but I will anyway. Gronk shreds apart all defenses and shines during the postseason. Zac Ertz is one of biggest and most durable guys on the tallest receiving corp in the league. Expect both to be an anchor of their team's offense.

DEF: Philadelphia

Neither one of these teams' Defenses are in in the top half, but the Eagles have slowed down offenses 10% better than New England - who ranks as the worst defense in the league by Situational Value.

Frank Grimes (on Twitter @FrankGrimesData) is a developer at Kraft Analytics Group, a technology and services company in the sports and entertainment industry. Frank provides fantasy tips as an example of the data-driven solutions that Kraft Analytics can provide.  For more detailed analysis and all the data used for this article, check out