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Super Bowl was 'greatest moment' of Ben Affleck's life


Jennifer Garner spent St. Patrick's Day at "The Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon, and although she was there to talk about her new film, "Danny Collins," she also chatted about her experience of the Super Bowl with husband Ben Affleck.

"I could almost feel him screaming when the Patriots won the Super Bowl," Jimmy told Jennifer. "Was he going nuts?"

"Dude, there were tears," Jennifer said, with a laugh. "Seriously, it was like the greatest moment of his life. It actually was though. I birthed babies for him and I still have never seen just the pure joy."

Jennifer also joked about her mom duties clashing with the big game and how she tried to keep one eye on the action despite being home with her three kids.

Check out the clip of Jennifer Garner talking about the Super Bowl below. 

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