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The Black Friday workout


If you're gearing up for a busy day of Black Friday shopping, don't worry about setting the alarm extra early for the gym. There are plenty of ways to add some fitness to your outing. Simply start with a nutritional breakfast and approach your shopping trip like a good BMAX workout.

Here are seven tips to help you burn off those extra Thanksgiving calories during your shopping extravaganza.

1. Wear sneakers
Start out with the right footwear so you can go the distance. Choose sneakers or another low-heeled, well-supported shoe so you can really exercise while you shop. I don't think you would wear Jimmy Choos on the treadmill!

2. Park far away
Don't waste precious time going round and round the parking lot hunting for the closest spot; instead, head straight for those undesirable ones on the outskirts. You'll save time and will get in some exercise while you walk – or run – to the store entrance.

3. Warm up for your shopping trip
If you're hitting the mall, do two brisk laps around the entire building before you begin shopping. This will prepare you for all the Black Friday action and prevent any potential injuries while reaching for those bargains on the racks.

4. Walk like you mean it
When you walk, move as quickly as possible. A speedy pace helps you burn more calories and gets you to the next store faster. You'll blow by all the people competing with you for that last pair of designer jeans.

5. Step it up
Instead of taking the escalator or elevator, head for the stairs. The extra demand on your muscles and lungs helps build your cardio health.

6. Make those bags nice and heavy
Carry your purchases with you. The weight of the bags will force you to work a little harder, raise the heart rate a little higher and burn those Thanksgiving calories a little faster. Just make sure you distribute the load on both sides of your body for the same amount of time.

7. Challenge yourself
Clip on a pedometer or use a fitness tracker to see how many steps you can get out of your trip. The goal for most healthy adults is 10,000 per day, which equals about five miles. While you're out shopping, try to make as big a dent as possible in that number.

Happy shopping!

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