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The secret to Julian Edelman's success: His dad

Frank Edelman has become a bit of a legend among Patriots Nation. Julian is constantly crediting his dad for helping him become the football player that he is today, and he even shares words of wisdom from his old man on his regular WAAF radio segment, "Frank Talk."

Although many stories have been written about Frank and Julian's relationship, NFL Films is shedding light on the father-son duo with a new short film. In it, cameras visit Frank at work, where his office is filled with family photos.There's also some awesome footage of a young Julian dominating on the football field, plus a little tribute to his friendship with Tom Brady.

As Frank explains, "His whole goal in life was to be Tom Brady's receiver and go-to guy, and he worked hard at it." (That is well documented, by the way. He recently admitted to moving to Los Angeles to be closer to TB12 in the offseason.)

Watch "NFL Films Presents: Frank and Julian Edelman" below.


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