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The secret to the Patriots Cheerleaders' perfect legs


A few days ago, Cheerleader LisaMarie professed "leg day" to be one of her favorite workouts, so a few people have asked what exactly she and the ladies do to keep their pins in perfect shape.

"Leg day" is a simple routine that I designed exclusively for the Patriots Cheerleaders, but you can easily incorporate it into your own fitness plan. Ten exercises in 15 minutes for a total leg and butt extravaganza!

The cheerleaders do their leg workout on two non-BMAX days, but my main BMAX training principles still apply. First is maximum activation. This is the idea of making every workout effective and efficient by getting as many muscle fibers to "fire" at one time, from as many different angles as possible.

Next is my no repeat philosophy. It's one and done, meaning you never come back to the same exercise within the workout. I have found that this conquers two very important demons: boredom and the potential for injury (the latter because repetitive stress is limited).

Lastly, is goal-setting. You've got to be ready to play if you want to achieve amazing results. Just check out the sidelines during the next home game – you'll see! We're not counting reps, but we are keeping track of reps. So, stick with BMAX's standard 40-second interval followed by 30-second recovery. I love the opportunity to be goal-oriented rather than target a specific number of reps when in fact you might still have some gas in the tank.

Before you start your workout, please jot down the suggested exercises and upon completion of each one, make a note of the number reps (your score) you've completed within the 40 seconds. Then when it's time to blast the legs and butt again, try to at least match your output, or if you are feeling like a Super Bowl contender, then beat your score every time out.

Two sets of dumbbells: one that you would consider light, such as 10 pounds, and another you would consider heavy, such as 20 pounds. Be your own coach here and be honest with yourself. If you can achieve great range of motion and maintain fantastic form, then it might be time to increase the size of the dumbbells.


1. Wide Stance Squats: start with your legs wider than your shoulders, feet parallel, standing tall, dumbbells on shoulders.


2. Narrow Stance Squats: start with your feet close together, standing tall, dumbbells hanging by your sides.


3. Sumo Squat Pulses: start in a sumo plié stance (wide legs, toes pointing out), hips low, with one dumbbell hanging between your legs. Do not come up all the way.


4. Alternate Reverse Long Lunges: feet together, standing tall, dumbbells hanging by your sides. Alternate legs with a long reverse lunge, bringing the front knee to 90 degrees and the back knee to the floor.


5. Elevated Front Pulse Lunges: one leg is behind you and elevated on a chair or a bench. Standing tall with dumbbells hanging by your sides, bring the front knee to 90 degrees and pulse (do not come all the way up). Do one leg for the entire 40 seconds, then switch.


6. 90-Degree Lunge Pulses: get into lunge position, dumbbells hanging by your sides, and pulse (do not come all the way up). Do one leg for the entire 40 seconds, then switch.


7. Alternate Side Lunges: start with your feet close together, one dumbbell hanging in front of you, lunge out to one side, recover to the original position, then lunge out to the opposite side.


8. Standing Single Leg Calf Raises: start with your feet close together, dumbbells hanging by your side, proceed to raise your heels off the ground for a three-second hold and repeat.


9. Hip Bridge Thrusts: lie on the ground with your knees up and feet flat on the floor. Press your belly button to the sky, squeeze your glutes and hold for three seconds, then repeat.


10. Donkey Kicks: lie on your belly and rest your chin on the back of your hands. Put one leg at 90 degrees, press the foot straight to the ceiling and squeeze for three seconds. Repeat with the same leg for the entire 40 seconds and then switch legs.


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