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The touching tribute one Patriots fan just wrote for his grandmother


Josh Gondelman's grandmother was the ultimate Patriots fan.

In a very moving story posted on BuzzFeed today, he tells how Nana Kay lived for the Patriots through good and bad, including when she was diagnosed with lymphoma last fall.

"During my grandmother's hospital stay, the NFL schedule became the one event she could make an appointment for herself," he writes. "Physical therapy and visits from cousins came according to the whims of everyone around her. Patriots games were her time."

They also became something for Josh, who lives in New York, and Nana Kay to bond over in her final months.

"While my job in New York kept me physically distant from my grandmother most of the time, keeping track of football gave us something to talk about on the phone," he explains. "Watching ESPN highlight packages gave me the comfort I imagine people derive from murmuring a prayer over rosary beads."

In November, Josh brought her a Tom Brady jersey that became wall decor in her hospital room and ultimately, when she passed away later in the month, was cremated with her remains.

You can read Josh's full story about his Nana Kay, "How I Became The New England Patriots' Most Sensitive Fan," on BuzzFeed.

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