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The women of Wyoming love Tom Brady


A new report from Dick's Sporting Goods has revealed the most popular NFL jerseys among women this season so far, and TB12 is one of the big winners.

The handsome quarterback took ninth place overall for jersey sales and is the leader in four states: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Wyoming. Yes, Wyoming.

Now, we're not quite sure why Tom is tops there, but we're starting to think Patriots Nation is migrating west. After all, a recent map created by Twitter reported a New England stronghold in Bingham County, Idaho, which is just over the border from Wyoming. (Fans, if you know something we don't know, feel free to enlighten us at

So what about the rest of New England? Well, Gronk won out in Maine and Drew Brees – yes, the Saints quarterback – is apparently the most popular with the ladies in Vermont.

You can check out all the survey results here

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