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Thread of the Week

We are excited to announce a new addition to the Thread Of The Week. We're calling it the Special Edition.

Each week a topic is chosen from the bulletin board and highlighted on the site. Here are some excerpts:

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We are excited to announce a new addition to the Thread Of The Week. We're calling it the Special Edition. We plan to do this about every 3 or 4 weeks. The premise? If you could ask 3 questions for the 2 players listed, what would you ask? This edition, the guests are: Drew Bledsoe & Michael Bishop. If it's possible, dependent on your responses, these questions will actually be addressed to the players listed and others to follow. We plan to ask these questions of the players during an active season. With consideration of time constraints. This week's questions will be posed in time for the upcoming bye week. This is your shot to have your question asked of Drew/Michael. Let's kick this off with a great start and hope it takes off and becomes a regular edition to the Thread Of The Week.

* Please keep in mind, this thread will be seen by the players, coaches, and Patriot's staff members. Please keep your responses proper, thoughtful and specific. Crude remarks within a post will cause that post to be deleted.*

Response cutoff time will be: Kickoff Sunday

TOTW #1: Backup QB Michael Bishop has been used in only a few situations with generally positive outcomes. Should he be used more often? If so, why and how?

TOTW #2: This week the Patriots play the hated Jesters and possibly ex-Patriot Ray Lucas, what adjustments should be made in order to stop the Jests, mainly in the secondary?

TOTW #3: Lastly with the success of the fake punt, what trick plays would you like to see or think will be used?

Go to the Bulletin Board and ask away! Please include the letters SE (Special Edition) at the beginning of your subject header.

SE - Thread of the Week

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