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Tom Brady Postgame Press Conference Transcript

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady addresses the media during his postgame press conference at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, October 27, 2013.

Q: What was the difference in the second half, besides that you didn't execute in the first half?

TB: Yeah, that's kind of my standard answer. We didn't do much good in the first half. The second half was great We started with the great job there in the third quarter and got the lead, had some really big momentum plays. The strip-sack was big and then the long drive there to start the fourth quarter was great too. It was a good team effort. It wasn't easy. Like I said, we're still grinding away. We obviously have a long way to go, but it feels good to be 6-2.

Q: Were there some loud discussions at halftime?

TB: It was pretty normal. I mean, we know what we have to do; we just have to go out there and do it for 60 minutes. When you play a team like Miami and they have a good team and they've got some good players, it takes really solid execution. When we do it well, it's OK; when we don't, we're off the field. We just have to do a better job overall and try to play well for 60 minutes because ultimately, that's what it's going to take.

Q: Can you talk about the job of your offensive linemen? You lost Sebastian Vollmer before the half, but were kind of able to get things going in the second half.

TB: Yeah, Marcus [Cannon] did a great job of stepping in and playing that role. And he's done that for a few years now, playing that swing tackle. [He was] forced into action and Seabass [Sebastian Vollmer], I'm not sure what it is and hopefully he's OK. But, it's tough losing guys on the offensive line, but the guys that were in there stepped in and did a great job.

Q: Bill Belichick seemed pretty excited about your critical run play there. He might want to add some run plays to the playbook. Can you go through what you saw and how you reacted?

TB: Yeah, it was fourth-and-5 or 6, something like that, fourth-and-4. They were playing zone coverage and I was looking for Gronk [Rob Gronkowski] and Danny [Amendola] and they had those two guys – it was pretty tight. I found a little space. It doesn't happen often, but it ended up being a good play for us. And we needed it. It was tough going that direction into the wind today, so that touchdown was really critical – a critical drive for us.

Q: You had three points and 25 yards on the board going into the half and there were boos coming down. Are you more pissed than the people in the stands at that point?

TB: I mean, we're 6-2. We're obviously not doing a great job in a lot of areas on offense, so we're trying to get it right. We're working at it. We're 6-2 and we've got a whole season ahead of us, but we obviously have to do a better job.


Q:** You do inevitably seem to figure it out. There is a sense that this team over the last 14 years, you guys do figure it out. So when you hear that coming down from the stands, do you say, 'That is what it is and we know what we're capable of'?

TB: I didn't hear much. Truthfully, I just go off the field and it's a long game. I know sometimes it doesn't go well in the first quarter, second quarter, or the third quarter, but ultimately you have to wait until it all plays out. I wish we were doing a better job for 60 minutes, but we're not and we've still got to find a way to win. We're 6-2 and we've had two chances in the games we lost. The expectations are high. They're high for us; I'm sure they're high for our fans.

Q: A lot of TV time on your hand today. How is it?

TB: It's perfect.

Q: It's not bothering you at all?

TB: Absolutely not.

Q: It looks pretty swollen.

TB: I didn't know [how] anyone knows what the back of my right hand looks like, but it looks fine to me and it feels good. I'll be out there next week; you don't have to worry about that.

Q: Without getting into detail, how important is it for you, even if you were hurt, to push through and set the standard for these young guys? How important is it for you guys to keep fighting.

TB: That's what you do. It's football. It's a contact sport and you play as hard as you can and you count on the guys next to you to do the same. I feel great. For the eighth week of the year, I feel awesome. Hopefully we go out and execute better. Ultimately, that's what it takes.

Q: Does this game kind of epitomize what this season has been for you guys? You've had to really fight through adversity in a several areas.

TB: Sure. I mean, you start slow and you just try to grind it out. It wasn't the way we wanted to start. I mean, there are other times where we've gotten off to great starts and played poorly in the second half, but it's a 60-mnute game and you try to make adjustments if you can. You try to figure out ways to move the ball. But it's a good defensive football team we're playing that rushes well, they cover well, they stop the run. They've got really good players. I mean, we're 6-2. We're at a decent place in our division. Would we love to be 8-0? Sure. So would every other team in the NFL. We're 6-2. We're fighting through it. We've got another big one this week and then we've got a bye week after that, so we've got to put everything we can into this week and try to get to 7-2.

Q: Your defense really did a great job getting the ball back for you guys and helping with the comeback. Can you talk about what you were seeing when they were on the field?

TB: I mean, the defense shut them out in the second half, so that was as impressive of a performance as you can have. We did a few things offensively to help out. Steve [Gostkowski] made some great kicks on special teams. We got a lot of great special teams plays. It was a team effort. It's hard to win games in the NFL, especially against division opponents – and they always play us tough, so it was good to get the win.

Q: Did you feel the momentum shift when they missed that field goal and Stevan Ridley ripped off the big run?

TB: The momentum always kind of goes back-and-forth as the game goes on. You love to have those momentum plays. We had the touchdown to Gronk [Rob Gronkowski] that got called back on the holding penalty – that would have been a big play. It's up and own and you just try to stay focused on your execution and stay focused on what you need to do.

Q: How much did you change your game plan offensively at halftime as far as how you were attacking?

TB: Not much. Our game plan was pretty well in tact; it was just a matter of us going out and executing a little bit better. We didn't do much in the first quarter, even though we had the wind, which really helped. We throw an interception on the first drive and then don't do well on the second drive and the next thing you know, the first quarter is over and we're trudging through the wind in the second quarter. Then we got it back in the third quarter and made enough plays to get the lead. It's just one of those days. It's typical Foxborough and we fought through it.

Q: Can you explain more about the wind going to that open side of the stadium?

TB: It was tough. It was a tough day out there. Weather always seems to play a factor here at some point, but it works for both teams. When we had the weather, the good opportunity, we took advantage of it there in the third quarter. That's what we needed to do. You get better punts. You get better kickoffs. The passes have more zip on them when they're going down the field and vice versa in the other direction. So you try to take advantage when you can like we did. It was good to score those points in the third quarter. That's what we needed.

Q: Are you by getting frustrated? Do you just say 'it's OK, we'll get it later on down the road'?

TB: It's a 60-minute game, so…we're 6-2. I know a lot of people are frustrated, but to be 6-2 is not bad. We'll just try to win next week and get to 7-2. That's what we'll try to do.

Q: What's your perspective on whether this is the way it's going to be offensively, just grinding it out, or could be a time in the future where you do get that 60-minute execution?

TB: We're trying. Like I said, there are a lot of things we can do better. Obviously with the way we're not doing a lot of things great, but we'll try to figure out the things we need to do better and see if we can make those improvements.

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