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Tom Brady Press Conference

Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady talks to the press about the upcoming game against the Dolphins on Saturday in Foxboro.To read a full transcript, click below.



             **Shaw's Supermarkets and Kimberly-Clark Patriots 12th Player Award Presentation**  

Intro: For those of you that are unfamiliar with the 12th Player Award Shaw's Supermarkets and Star Market in conjunction with Kimberly Clark has presented this award to the player who has come off the bench and demonstrated grit, determination and hustle. This year's winner is Tim Brady. He has certainly demonstrated all of those attributes so without any further adieu Greg Lake is going to take it away

GL: Good morning. It is truly an honor for me to be here today to announce the winner of the Shaw's 12th Player Award. This is the seventh year Shaw's Supermarkets has teamed with the New England Patriots to support this award. Every year we ask our customers to vote for the player that best exemplifies that hard work, hustle and the determined to succeed spirit, but who may not get the fan and media recognition he deserves. This year Shaw's shoppers voted in record number and ballots found in our circulars and at our website. Speaking of our shoppers, one lucky shopper who entered the 12th Player Award Sweepstakes is going somewhere we hope the Patriots are going this year and that is to New Orleans and the Super Bowl. Now for the winner. I am pleased to announce the recipient of the Shaw's 12th Player Award, Tom Brady. Tom is one of the hardest working, most determined players. His leadership, hustle and grit has the Patriots in the hunt for the first playoff spot in almost three years. The fans have spoken. Tom all of your hard work and determination have paid off. Congratulations. It wasn't even close. On behalf of Shaw's Supermarkets thank you and once again congratulations.

TB: Thank you, I appreciate it.

TB: All that time at Shaw's stuffing that ballot box really helped, didn't it. No it is a very nice award. I saw that Drew [Bledsoe] has one this, Dave Megget, Adam [Vinatieri], Robert Edwards, Terry Allen and Tedy Bruschi, so I am honored to be on here with those guys. Guys that I have always looked up to and guys that have set a great example for this great Patriot tradition so thank you. Now on to the usual. Thanks guys.

Q: You have played in a lot of big games in your career how does this stack up?

TB: There is no doubt this is as probably as big as we have played in. Obviously the biggest game of the season for us, probably our greatest challenge. They played us pretty tough last time and I think that we have really looked at that film and looked at ways that we can counter that attack. I think we are going to be as prepared and as focused as we have been all season.

Q: I think you would be the first one to admit that your play in the last couple of games has not been up to the standards that you would like, what has your mindset been after reviewing the films, looking at the mistakes that you have made and how you can correct them?

TB: Continuing to be prepared and to be focused and to look at the mistakes that I have made and just try to learn from them. You go out there every week trying to attack certain ways. You wish as a player that you go out there every week and have a huge performance every week and you know that some weeks are tougher than others. You are always trying to play your best and that is really what it is going to take this week. It is going to take our best.

Q: Being a short week have you had a chance to evaluate Sunday's film?

TB: Yeah.

Q: I know you had some problems with overthrows, but was it misreads or was it just basically the ball getting away from you?

TB: I just missed a few. I think if we make a few of those throws there they are touchdowns and the games not as close as it should be. I expect to make those throws, Charlie [Weis] expects me to make those throws and you just miss them. Sometimes you go out there and you miss throws. The next time out you try not to miss them, pretty much.

Q: Miami made life difficult for you when you played them down there, can you talk about that and what you will need to do this time?

TB: They made it tough on our whole offense. It is not what the quarterback can do it is about what we can do obviously. You look at the teams that have beat them San Francisco, the Jets and New Orleans teams that have been pretty balanced. Ones that have run the ball well, been able to throw it efficiently and that is something that we certainly didn't do the last time we were down there, we hardly had any offense. Like I said it is about blocking and going out and doing our assignments. Charlie is going to have an offense prepared and Coach Belichick is going to work to have the team prepared. I think everybody is pretty excited about this challenge.

Q: Will it be a big difference to have Terry Glenn in the mix?

TB: Yeah I think so. Terry, which you guys have seen him do since his career…he has really been a guy that the defense had to account for and when he is not on the field then obviously they just don't have to account for him. He is going to be out there and he made huge plays for us in the game our last win. It is just another guy we can get the ball to.

Q: There are a lot of great cornerbacks in the AFC East, I am talking about Buffalo, the Jets and Miami, these six are outstanding…

TB: I played with Charles Woodson who is one of the best and I saw him for three years. I have seen a lot of great corner play. A lot of them get it done a lot of different ways and these guys have their own style. They have got a lot of deep help. So they can be pretty aggressive on anything underneath. Each week it is trying to attack defensive backs in their zones. You figure out where their weak spots are. They can cover certain things, but other things they might have more difficult times with. We are going to try to find those weak spots and we are going to try to exploit them and keep hitting them until they stop them.

Q: You went deep in Buffalo quite a few times. Do you wish you would have connected a few more times on those because it would have given Miami a little more to think about or is it just a matter of they were close?

TB: Well that was a different approach last week. We felt that we might be able to get the ball down the field a little bit. We hit David [Patten] on the one down the left sideline. We almost got him up the seem on the right side early in the game. We almost hit Marc [Edwards] in the end zone for a touchdown. You try to attack what you want to attack, but you've got to understand what they are trying to cover and what they are trying to defend. I mean look at the different styles of all the defenses in our division. Each one plays a significantly different defense. This one is based around…they've got very good guys up front. So that allows them to be pretty conservative in the secondary to not give up the deeper throws. What that tells you is that you've got to be a little on the ball. When you do throw the ball you've got to be able protect because obviously there is Jason Taylor who's having another great season and just being able to…when you run it to run it well, not put yourself in some tough situations to run the ball.

Q: How have you and Troy [Brown] developed this year?

TB: It's continued to…Troy's a guy that as I've said before if there is anything you can say about a football player it's that he's dependable and he's consistent. He takes the toughest match up every week and he's had a ton of catches this year. He's had a ton of yards after the catch. He's punt returner. He does it all for us.

Q: The first Miami game was early on in your career as a starter do you think your ability to analyze and react to defenses is a lot better now than it was then?

TB: I think that helps. I think the experience helps. I also think that we know what we do better. We are not going to put ourselves in situations that maybe we had ourselves in in the Miami game. We are going to do things that we do best while understanding what they are trying to accomplish on defense. So it's…this is a great defense, there's no doubt about it. It's not like you are thinking you are going to go up there and throw for 700 yards. You're are going to go up there and we are trying to win the game. So whether that is running it or throwing it or being balanced or taking shots down the field or being efficient short, it's about winning.

Q: How much do you think about playoff scenarios at this point?

TB: Not much at all. Not much at all. We are worried about this week, I would say winning this weekend. If we win this weekend then we have a bye week and who knows. Once that Carolina game ends, then we'll probably start thinking about that. At this point, it is Miami.

Q: How did you find yourself reacting to big games at Michigan? Did you have to calm yourself down? How do you personally react to big games?

TB: I think the weeks go by a lot faster. The preparation, everything jumps up on you. Before you know it…especially this is a short week for us. So we are really trying to cram a lot of things into today and tomorrow. So Friday you can have your normal day-before-the-game routine and obviously the day-of-game routine. We are going to be…from my standpoint it is just about getting as prepared as I can be, especially in the next couple of days.


TB: This is what you play for. You play for games like this. You play to be in the playoff hunt. You don't play professional football to go home at the end of December.

Q: After the last Miami game you made comments about not being as sharp as you needed to be in practice. How has that developed over the year?

TB: I think Coach Belichick has, he's tried to prepare us every week. He's tried to, as I said before, he says, 'We've got to do this to win. We can't do this to win.' Today, he basically laid it on the line for us. He said, 'If we are going to win we've got to make plays that are there for us. If we lose the game, these are going to be the reasons.' He showed us reasons why we lost, that fumbled snap and Jason Taylor picks it up for a touchdown. That's the stuff you've got to eliminate. You can't do that type of stuff when you play good teams and expect to win. You might be able to get away with that with some other teams, but not a team like this.

Q: Does it come to getting it right in practice and that detail that you talked about?

TB: Yeah, definitely. I think guys have bought into that. We've been pretty successful since that game. So I think as the season goes, even when we don't play our best game we seem to pull it out when we need to. We make the plays we need to. The defense comes up with a huge stop when we need to. We get a big first down when we need one. That's what it's about, winning football games. Every week you can't go out and win 55-0, you are going to have to slug it out a few weeks. So this is probably the game we're going to have to slug it out.

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