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Tom Brady Press Conference Transcript 12/24

Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady addresses the media during his press conference at Gillette Stadium on Thursday, December 24, 2015.

Q: Has anything Darrelle Revis said this offseason changed your opinion of your time together?

TB: It was great having him as a teammate. He brings a lot, I think, to the defense that he plays on. We've played him a bunch of times when he played for the [New York] Jets and then Tampa Bay [Buccaneers] and we played him here, back to the Jets. So basically [we] played against him every year in some form or fashion. He's just a great player. I think he does a lot of things really well. It's fun to watch him play. I think he has a very unique style but he certainly locks his guy down. I think that's pretty impressive to do it for as many years as he has. It's not a simple scheme for a guy like that because it puts a lot of pressure on those corners. It's like having two offensive tackles that you don't ever give any help to and whoever they go up against, they go up against. It's pretty impressive to see what he's accomplished this year, what he's accomplished every year. He's a great player.

Q: Did anything this offseason change your relationship with him?

TB: No.

Q: How much better are the Jets now than when you first played them?
TB: They're playing really well. They were pretty good when we played them the first time. We were playing a little bit different at that time, also. They're pretty hot right now. They've always had a good defense. I think it starts with having really good defensive players like [Calvin] Pace, and [Muhammad] Wilkerson, and [Sheldon] Richardson, and David Harris, [Demario] Davis is phenomenal, [Antonio] Cromartie and [Darrelle] Revis, [Buster] Skrine's a great player, [Marcus] Gilchrist has had a great year, [Calvin] Pryor is having a great year so they've got a lot of guys – [Damon] Harrison, their nose tackles been great – so I think it hasn't ever really been that this defense is kind of a walk in the park for our offense. It's always been a big challenge but it starts with having really good players, they do. Now they're really obviously been well coached, or really well coached this year. There are a lot of scheme things that they do that are challenging to prepare for. It's tough. It's tough but we're grinding through it, trying to get everyone on the same page, and I'm sure we'll feel pretty good about our game plan once we get to the game.

Q: Have you taken notice at all what Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers are doing amidst their undefeated season?

TB: Yeah, absolutely. They're playing great. He's having an incredible season. They've got a great football team. It's hard to get to 14-0. You have some games where you just don't play your best and they've still figured out a way to win those games. I think that's the mark of any great football team. Whether you have no losses, or one loss, or two losses – those are very hard seasons to have because injuries always play a part and they've won without certain guys. I think that's also the mark of a great football team.

Q: In relation to the rest of the league how does Cam Newton get things done on the field in such an entirely different way?

TB: He has his own style and he's just had a great season – run, pass. Like his game last week, I saw the highlights. That was awesome. It's fun to see guys play like that. Obviously, the better players there are in the league, there's more attention. He's obviously one of the great young players.

Q: What have you seen from Steven Jackson throughout the years?

TB: We've played against him a few times when he was playing with the [St. Louis] Rams and then when he played with the [Atlanta] Falcons. I don't think he was active for that game, but I've always watched from afar and seen how tremendous of a player he is, what kind of professional he is, so it's great to have players like that. Hopefully he can add a lot to our team. We'll see, obviously, how things pan out but he's come in here and worked hard. It's been fun to see. Like I said, I always watched from afar and had admiration for it because to rush for that many yards in this league is a really hard thing to do. He's had a remarkable career.

Q: What have been your first impressions of him now that he is here?

TB: Well, just what you'd expect. I think he's a real professional, takes good care of himself so hopefully he can add a lot to our team.

Q: Does your head ever spin with all of the roster moves and turnover throughout the season?

TB: There's been a lot this year, on the practice squad, on the roster, off the roster, on the practice squad. Every day Coach [Bill Belichick] announces new players on the team. It's just something that we've gotten used to. Whoever comes and goes, maybe you'll see those guys again but you always try to welcome the guys, try to get them up to speed because you never know – these guys can help you win. We have guys out there playing now that weren't here a month ago that are helping us win. That's just the way it is. Every team is looking for good players and to try to add a certain player. I think at this point in the year you kind of know what your teams all about and if there are players like that that are available that can help your team then you try and add them.

Q: How much of a challenge is it for you personally to try to get to know these new guys when they come in?

TB: You just try as best as you can. There's still a lot going on for me during the week for example. I've got a lot to prepare for. It's not like you can overdo, there's not a lot of extra time I'd say to put into certain things, but whatever time you do have that's available you just try and use it wisely and use it to try to get to know guys. Certainly on the field is most important because ball-handling, throwing them the ball and so forth. I think all of those things you try and take advantage of when you have the time.

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