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Tom Brady Press Transcript



**Q: Have you ever seen a quarterback have back-to-back playoff games like Peyton Manning has had this postseason?

TB:** He has kind of had a year like that. He has been pretty unstoppable. He is the MVP of the league. What more do you need to know than that? The team is playing great. He is playing great. This is going to be the toughest game of the year for us. We have to go out and play well, play our style of ball and hopefully we play well enough.

**Q: Do you feel any pressure as an offense to score every time in order to match the Colts offense because they are enjoying so much success?

TB:** I think the one thing we need to do is score points. The first game was a great indication. Watching the Kansas City game this past week, Kansas City didn't punt, but they still lost. Offensively, you realize that you can't afford too many possessions where you are not scoring, and scoring touchdowns. I think the goal for us is the same as every week. We are always trying to score. We are not trying to kick field goals or change field position, but more so this week. Their offense can really score some points, so we are going to go out there are try to match it.

**Q: All year long you have looked at the season one game at a time and have been very successful. Is that still the mindset?

TB:** Indy doesn't care that we won 13 straight, and they don't care that we won the division and got home field. They went out and beat K.C., at K.C., which I here is probably one of the toughest places to play. I think coach put it to us pretty simple this morning saying this is a one-week season. This is a game where everything is riding on it, so do whatever you can to get prepared and get you rest and go out there ready to play a great team. This team presented a bunch of challenges the first time out and we are going to need to go out and correct some of those things. We are going to need to play better this week then we did against Tennessee or it will be the last game of the year.

**Q: When you look at the two championship games, is there more pressure on a guy like Peyton Manning to get to the Super Bowl or a guy like [Jake] Delhomme who is in a similar situation as you were a few years ago?

TB:** I think there are challenges for both. For a guy like Peyton Manning, the expectations are really high for him being that he was a number one pick and he is trying to achieve greatness. That is really measured by Super Bowl victories for quarterbacks. A guy like Delhomme, there is pressure on him too. I'm sure he is not getting much sleep this week either. There are a lot of responsibilities. This is the type of game where you need to play your best game.

**Q: Assuming Damien Woody doesn't play this weekend, can you explain how big of a loss that would be?

TB:** Whether he is in there or whether he is not, I think this team has proven that we kind of move on and the guys that fill those spots are very capable. We have done that all year. Russ Hochstein, Brandon Gorin and Wilbert Brown and some of those guys that really haven't played much, they are very capable. Damien plays at a Pro Bowl level and he was in the Pro Bowl last year. He is a great offensive lineman. He is strong, powerful, very athletic, so to lose a guy like that with the experience and confidence that he has, I don't think you really replace someone like that. I think we have guys that can obviously step in and do the job.

**Q: How is your knee?

TB:** My knee is fine.

**Q: As a quarterback, how does playing in the cold conditions affect what you do?

TB:** It is something that I have gotten used to being here. You are kind of forced to. It is a little bit different. I think the bigger factor up here in New England is probably the wind. It is always pretty windy, as we all know. You have to learn how to throw the ball in the wind and try to tighten that spiral up so that can really cut the wind and be accurate with your throws. Whether it be cold or warm, it (the wind) is probably tougher. With the cold, everything gets cold – your hands, your feet, your body is tight and stiff. What you are trying to do is keep the ball in an easier position for the receivers to catch the ball. That goes along with the accuracy. It is tough. I wish we had 70 degrees and sunny like they do in Miami all day, but we kind of deal with it and both teams are out in it.

**Q: Is that an edge for you over Peyton, who hasn't had to deal with that all year?

TB:** I think it is tough either way. I don't think there is really an edge. Peyton has to throw in it. I have to throw in it. Because of that, there really isn't an edge. Both teams are out there and we are both dealing with it. I would say one way or the other, there isn't much of an edge.

**Q: How important is it not to get in a shootout with the Colts offense and possess the ball on your end?

TB:** We have to possess the football, probably more so this week. These guys can really make you pay. Learning from that first game, we were up 31-10 at one point and the only way they really got back in the game was us making mistakes and turning the ball over. Of course, then you see how explosive they are by scoring 21 points in 10 minutes. I think the idea is to score those points and to eliminate those mistakes and take advantage of all the scoring opportunities we get in the red zone and when we get good field position so that we can keep the offense on the field. I don't want to see Peyton slinging it all over the field. I think their defense really feeds off that offense. Those guys get into it and think they are going to come away victorious.

**Q: The Colts haven't appeared in the Super Bowl or won an AFC Championship in quite a while, where most of you guys have experienced that feeling two years ago. How does that affect the preparation?

TB:** I think you hit on it with the preparation and the focus. The pressure starts building now and you deal with all the different requests that you have throughout the week, which is probably where a lot of the pressure comes from with family and friends and dealing with much more tension. I have a lot more friends now that we are winning. I have more people calling. I have ticket requests from guys that I haven't heard from in five years. It is about dealing with all that stuff that allows you to stay focused and stay prepared and do all the things that we have done for the past 13 weeks and continue to do those now so that we can be prepared. Once you get out there on Sunday, you are playing a game and you are playing the same game that I have been playing for 10 years. When you are out there and the clock is running and those situations come up, you are not thinking that this is a playoff game and that this is a really important third down. Hopefully that is all out of your mind by the time the game kicks off.

**Q: What do you remember about your first career start against Indianapolis?

TB:** That was a lot of years ago. I don't remember yesterday. I was going out there and I didn't know what to expect. I was a second-year player that played in one game my first year. It was a really exciting week. I think they were 3-0 at the time. They were playing really well and they came to our stadium. It was a cold windy day in September and we came out and played well. I'm sure they would have liked to have some of those plays back that they had some mistakes on. We capitalized. It was kind of a good way to rebound from that tough start.

**Q: If you could only watch one sports movie before the game on Sunday?

TB:** I'd pick Hoosiers. That line, 'no school this small has ever played in the state championship.' That was a great movie. I remember where I saw that

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