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Tom Brady reaches out to fan who lost everything in California wildfires, saved his No. 12 jersey

As wildfires ravaged California this month, thousands of people were faced with the horrible reality of evacuating, not knowing if their homes would be there when they returned.

Paradise, Calif. was destroyed in The Camp fire, where at least 85 people died and 150,000 acres were burned, according to The Guardian. One Patriots fan in Paradise, Christian Holland, evacuated his home on Nov. 8, leaving everything behind — except for his Tom Brady jersey.

This week, Tom shared Christian's story on his Instagram, in hopes of finding the man who lost everything he owned but made sure to save his jersey. It didn't take long, with help from followers, to track down Christian, and Tom said he plans on sending a ball to him.

Hearing Christian's story put things into perspective, Tom said.

"It was pretty touching. I think you just feel the pain but also you know that they could grab something – but I mean, I can't imagine losing my house and everything I own," Tom said at his press conference on Friday. "That would be very difficult. Whether it was the floods in Houston last year which were really tough – I mean these natural disasters, for a lot of these people dealing with real life, I think it puts a lot of stuff in perspective in your life. You lose a game and you feel like, 'Man, the whole world's caving in,' but it's really – keeping things in perspective, you realize there's a lot of people dealing with a lot of things that are very tough. And just to be able to provide support, I think for us as athletes, is pretty cool and important in what we do."

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