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Trent Brown treated high school football program to game-day experience in Atlanta 

Trent Brown paid it forward to his old high school football team. 

Before he was a Patriot in the NFL, Trent Brown was a Patriot at Westover High School. On Thursday night football, Brown got to treat his alma mater's football team to a special night from one Patriot to another.

Brown paid for 90 kids from the Westover High School's football program to attend the Patriots game against the Falcons on Thursday night, including bussing them nearly two and a half hours from Brown's native Albany to Atlanta.

Through his TB77 Cares Foundation, Brown wanted to give back to the program that shaped his life and give the players and coaches an experience they might not otherwise have.

"I just wanted to kind of give back, reach back, give them an opportunity to come to the NFL game," Brown said. "It's not an opportunity everybody's privy to, so I wanted to provide that opportunity."

More than an experience, it's a chance to expand the idea of what is possible for these young athletes. As they watch Brown on the field Thursday night, they saw living proof of where hard work can take you.

"It's important for people to just be exposed to those types of things in different environments. Hopefully it inspires a couple of those guys because it's very possible to make it from where we come from," Brown said.

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