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Two top chefs, one tasty Super Bowl bet


Celebrity chef Mario Batali may have restaurants around the country, but when it comes to football he's all about Seattle. So when the Super Bowl XLIX matchup was set last Sunday, one of Boston's culinary kings decided to make a little wager with 'Molto Mario.'

Owner of Tico Boston and Alta Strada, Chef Michael Schlow challenged his friend to a gentleman's bet based on their regions' seafood. If the Patriots win, Mario will ship Michael six extra-large Dungeness crabs, considered a treasure of the west coast. If the Seahawks repeat as Super Bowl champs, though, Michael will be sending over a dozen Maine lobsters, representing the best of the east coast.

In honor of the wager, we asked Michael to share one of his favorite Super Bowl party recipes with Patriots Lifestyle. Learn how to make his spicy cheesesteak burrito here.

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