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Up for whatever: Patriots fans surprised with VIP experience


Two Patriots fans got the surprise of their lives on Sunday night and it was all because of a few bottles of Bud Light.

Late Sunday afternoon, Kailee Wilson and Ryan Coogan drove to Patriot Place for dinner and drinks at CBS Scene, as they often do on game day. Their plan was to hang out for a while and soak up the great Sunday Night Football atmosphere before heading home to watch the game on TV. Everything changed, though, when a man spotted Bud Light on their table and came over to ask them the question, "Are you up for whatever?"

With lights flashing inside the restaurant and Patriots Cheerleaders rooting for them, Kailee and Ryan looked at each other in surprise and quickly responded, "Yes!"

"Everyone's seen the Bud Light commercial," Kailee said. "It played during the Super Bowl so everybody knows what it means."


Still, the two could never have imagined what was in store for them.

"I thought there was going to be a free round of drinks or something," Ryan remarked. "Then they handed us tickets for the game."

The two were whisked off to the ProShop to get some new gear, brought onto the field for pre-game warmups and finally taken to a suite where they watched the Patriots defeat the Bengals.

"It was just like the commercial – minus ping pong with Arnold Schwarzenegger," Ryan said, laughing.


Well, the two didn't get Arnie, but they did get Andruzzi. The Patriots alum stopped by the suite to say hello and even let Kailee try on his Super Bowl ring, adding one more pinch-me moment to the whole experience.

On Monday morning, as they got back to their normal routines, Kailee and Ryan could hardly believe their luck.

"Ryan and I were talking to each other and we were like, 'Did last night really happen? Did we dream that?'" Kailee recalled. "If we didn't have the pictures, nobody would believe us."

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