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Washington Postgame Transcripts 8/9

Washington Head Coach Jay Gruden and select players comment on their 26-17 loss to the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium on Thursday, August 9, 2018.

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Washington Redskins head coach Jay Gruden watches from the sideline during the first half of a preseason NFL football game against the New England Patriots, Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018, in Foxborough, Mass. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)


August 9, 2018

JG: Derrius [Guice] and Manasseh [Garner] are going to go get checked out in the morning. Get MRIs and all of that stuff in the morning. We don't have anything further on that.

Q: [Matt] Ioannidis is no further examination?

JG: No, I think he's going to be OK. He just got rolled up on a little bit, but he's OK.

Q: OK, I guess what you are looking for in these games is effort and crisp execution. Looks like you got that in the first half and really didn't in the second half.

JG: Yeah, first half we executed well. Our defense played well; offense had a couple of great drives, athletic plays. They [New England] had that field goal at the end of the half, picked up a little momentum and then the first drive of the second half, you know, they just held the ball for 10 minutes and ran it, I don't know, 15-16 times and we couldn't get a stop. Obviously stopping the run is what we are trying to do around here, but we didn't get it done today.

Q: Just back to injuries. Trey Quinn and [Tyler] Catalina?

JG: Yeah, Trey Quinn is getting checked; some internal stuff going on. Catalina just got the wind knocked out of him.

Q: In terms of what you're looking for from Colt [McCoy], is that about it and is that a good indication of why he has the contract that he just got?

JG: Yeah, I think so. He's got great command of the offense, he can move around the pocket and players respond to him. He gets the ball to the open people and they make plays for him. I thought it was a great job tonight by Colt without a doubt.

Q: We saw some of your veterans that we knew weren't going to play, guys like D.J. [Swearinger Sr.], Jamison [Crowder] go through warmups and other guys like Jordan [Reed], Josh Doctson did not. What goes into that decision of who travels and who goes through warmups and those kinds of things?

JG: It depends on the injury. With Josh, he wanted to see his own guy, and so did Jordan, back home. So we let him do that and get some extra treatment back home where they get a couple of really good days rest and hopefully we will see them Saturday morning.

Q: Tim Settle had a pretty good second half there. What did you guys see from him and did you like what you saw?

JG: I like Settle. Settle made some plays over there. He did a good job. He played a lot of minutes, too. It was kind of a rude awakening for some of these guys when they had to play 15-16 play drives, so I thought he handled it pretty well for his first game.

Q: How much emphasis do you put on the bottom line for something like this? Winning and losing?

JG: I think there's a lot you can take away from game situations like I told them in there. At the end of the first half we had a 17-0 lead and all of the momentum in the world and we let them go 60 yards in 30 seconds with I think two timeouts to kick a field goal. And then they get the ball to start the third quarter and they go 80 yards in 16 plays, whatever it is, and all of a sudden momentum has totally switched and that's something that we got to figure out. We've got to stop the bleeding somehow. Make a play. So a lot of lessons to be learned in this game from that standpoint. Bottom line, really, I'm looking for the players that stepped up and made some plays. First half, I saw a lot of great things. Second half, some good things we'll take out of it, but a lot of learning experiences for all of us.

Q: On offense, no Alex [Smith]. All backups just about, I know there were a few injuries in there. Defense, you had a few starters in there. What's the thinking behind that in the first preseason game and does this mean we might see them a little bit longer in the second and third preseason games?

JG: It could. I think a lot of thinking was I want to see our guys play against hopefully a lot of the starters for New England. I think it's a great opportunity for some of these core backup players to get some great experience against a great team on the road. That was part of it. The other part of it is we have the Jets coming in for a couple of days of practice. We are going to get some good work with our ones there. I want everybody to be healthy and fresh for that and then we got game two obviously with them. So we really have a bonus type period with the Jets practices, so great opportunity to look at our young guys and our core backup guys. We know based on last year these guys are going to have to play a lot. We got to make sure they can and they played pretty well for the most part.

Q: Jay, given all of the injuries last year, what's going through your mind when you see Derrius limping to the sidelines and Ioannidis and you just see guys going down?

JG: Yeah, it's frustrating. It's hard. This is a tough game and you hate to see anybody get hurt on any team, really, but especially on your own team. You see the way these guys have been working in practice and all of that stuff and limping around is not good. You know, that's football and we have to obviously adjust and that's why we have other players and backups and rookies and all of that.

Q: Jay, in just a little bit of seeing Guice, what did you see? He had a run that was called back on a hold and then he got hurt?

JG: You can see that he's a guy that he doesn't like to carry the ball three times. He needs to carry the ball 15 times. He actually told me before the game, 'I don't want it three times. If you're going to give it to me three times don't even put me in.' So, we tried to get it going for him and he popped a long run and unfortunately I think he's got a leg thing that got caught up in the turf. It's just one of those unlucky plays that unfortunately happens to all players from time to time. So hopefully it's nothing, but if it is I'm sure Derrius will rehab it and get himself back. We'll find out tomorrow.

Q: It sounds like you dodged a bullet with Ioannidis. In an ideal world would he have even been in at that point because I know you guys had some injuries later in the week.

JG: Yeah, we were light on the defensive line. So in an ideal world he would not have been in there, but we were pretty light.

Jonathan Allen, Defensive Lineman

(On the defense)

"I felt it was OK. There is definitely a lot of room for us to improve and grow but I have to look at the film before I can give an honest assessment of the game. To a lot of guys this is everything, this is their opportunity. I'm looking out to see who I can go to war with and who I am going to fight with, week in and week out. I feel like it is hard to get a lot of cohesion in preseason. We are all rotating in and not everybody's playing so it is just about winning your individual matchup and seeing who you can trust out there to do their job."

Vernon Davis, Tight End

(On the team's effort tonight)

"I feel like whenever I am on the football field I am out there to get better, no matter what it is. If it is practice or a preseason game, I don't take it lightly. I put my best foot forward. As a team I look to go out there and compete and to get better. Whenever you do anything you never want to lose. We put forward some great effort out there tonight. I feel collectively we got better as a unit, offensively, defensively and special teams. We did our very best."

Darrius Guice, RB

(On getting out on the field to play)

"It felt good; I've been doing this a long time. So even though it was my first NFL game, football doesn't make me nervous."

Maurice Harris, WR

(On how it felt to get on the field the first time)

"It felt good. You know, executing the offense and trying to drive the ball down and score is the goal every time. It felt good to go out there and execute and show the things we've been working on in practice."

(On why he thought they were able to get off to a good rhythm)

"I think it's the preparation. Going over those things in practice helped us get off to a good start."

(On how it felt to see the other receivers get off to a good start)

"It felt good to see those other guys go out there and make plays. That's what we try to do, go out there and make plays and try to score. We have a lot to learn from the film, but we are making positive steps forward."

(On the connection he has with Colt McCoy)

"Colt is really accurate. He's a great player and we try and work that every day in practice and try and translate that to the game and I think it worked out pretty well for us today."

Matt Ioannidis, DL

(On his knee injury)

"It gave me a good scare, but I think everything is going to turn out alright."

(On the sack and the dance)

"I think that's just an example of a good coverage sack, everybody on the back end did a good job, and it gave us the time to get there up front. Jonathan Allen taught me that dance."

Byron Marshall, RB

(On getting to play)

"I had fun for the first one; getting my feet wet, just get out there going live."

Colt McCoy, QB

(On his performance in the first half)

"It's fun to play football, to play against another team, and it's nice to get hit, to go out there and compete a little bit. I felt for the most part we moved the ball pretty effectively, and had some plays here and there that you might want to have back. Overall for our first preseason game I felt pretty good and I think our group felt pretty good."

(On when he knew he was going to start)

"I've known for a couple of days. I've got to give a hat off to that second offensive line. Those guys are outstanding. They are well-coached by coach [Bill] Callahan, and all the looks that New England gave us today. I thought they communicated and handled it well. When you can have some pretty good protection up front, and for the most part I think we did a good job tonight."

(On how the team played)

"I thought they gave me a lot of protection, and the receivers did a really good job. I think everybody as a group was ready to play."

Orlando Scandrick, CB

(On playing in the preseason)

"Honestly, I am just trying to get back in the groove of football and get in football shape. Get back and get used to the contact part of the game, the physical contact."

(On playing a game as opposed to practice)

"You got to see some people that you haven't seen before in a lot of situations and they made some plays. We got some tape that we will be able to watch and we will all move forward and get better from this. I think it is about winning your individual matchup. You want to work on your technique and win your individual matchup. I think we can win our individual matchups and it will make us all better."

(On coming over from the rival Dallas Cowboys)

"It's a change of scenery and it's like a breath of fresh air. I am just enjoying playing football and enjoying the process of learning a new defense, getting used to a new organization and learning new teammates and things like that. I'm just enjoying the process. That game hasn't come up yet so I can't answer how it feels [to be playing Dallas]. Definitely I looked at the date and I thought about the game but I haven't put much emotion into it. I'm just trying to get better and get ready for the season."

Tim Settle, DL

(On getting a lot of playing time)

"It felt pretty good. When it gets down and dirty with those long drives you've got to be mentally strong. You've got to be strong for your team, so I felt like I could have been stronger, but that's something I have to work on. "

(On how fast he was tonight)

"It took me a while to get the rhythm of the game. Seeing how different the offensive line works. I felt like once I got comfortable everything just came together."

Cam Sims, WR

(On how much it helps to get these reps with Colt McCoy)

"In training camp, if I mess up, he coaches me up and then during the game I can go out there and do what he told me to do."

(On how the other receivers have helped him)

"Oh shoot, if I mess up, they tell me what I didn't do, but if they mess up, I tell them what they didn't do. There is nobody above anyone here. Everyone is trying to help each other."

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