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Watch Hunter and Parker Henry's Gillette Stadium gender reveal reaction 

Hunter Henry and his wife Parker are expecting their first child. On Tuesday, the couple found out the gender of their baby in epic fashion. 

Hunter and Parker Henry have encountered several "new" adventures this offseason. There's a new region and a new team. The biggest change, however, is a personal one: becoming first-time parents.

Earlier this month, the Henry family announced they were having a baby due in December. On Tuesday, they found out the gender of their baby in epic fashion.

The Gillette Stadium field will soon be where Hunter runs routes for his new team, but in the middle of a heat wave, he and Parker waited in anticipation. The whole reveal was posted in a video on Hunter's Instagram, and it is a really special moment.

"I think it's a girl," Hunter said." I think it's a boy. For sure a boy," Parker said.

When the HD boards switched to "It's a boy," the reaction was too pure.

"Let's go," Hunter said, pumping his fists. "No way. That's dope."

You can watch the precious moment below on Hunter's Instagram.

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