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What They're Saying: Miami Dolphins


A look at what the Miami Dolphins coaches and players are saying heading into their game with the New England Patriots this Sunday.

On heading to New England with a two game lead in the division...

"Don't look at records right now. It's too early. Nobody cares. At the end of the day, nobody will give a (expletive) unless you win the last one."

- Head Coach Adam Gase

"You've got to go out there and you've got to do whatever, especially on defense. Read your keys, play what's shown, be where you're supposed to be for the entire game. It can't be 'Alright, four or five plays I missed out,' because good teams will capitalize on that. It's no different than any other week. You've got to go in there and we've got to wipe the slate clean, 0-0 and be 1-0 when the week's over with."

- Defensive End Cameron Wake

"They're always going to do the same things they always do. They get better every week. They have a really good coaching staff and they have a Hall of Fame quarterback. The records are irrelevant right now. It doesn't mean anything."

- Head Coach Adam Gase

On preparing to play the Patriots...

"Getting ready for this opponent is going to be hard because they're going to do a lot of things that are going to be tough for us. Going up there, it's a great environment to play in. It's rowdy. It's loud. They'll be ready to go so we have to make sure we're on our A-game."

- Head Coach Adam Gase

"It's a tough environment to play in. We're still going to play against a great football team – a great offense, great defense, (great) overall football team. It's going to be a challenge. It's a division game, but I know with this coaching staff and these guys in the locker room, we'll be ready."

- Safety Reshad Jones

"Obviously I have a ton of respect for New England and what they've done and what kind of team they are. (It's a) big opportunity for us to go up there and play well."

- Quarterback Ryan Tannehill

"We want to climb here. We want a steady progression of taking it one game at a time. This is the next game. Obviously a division game on the road is a big game for us, but we need to be wired in no matter who we're playing and no matter what the situation is. Yeah, we just have to keep staying the course. Like I said the past few weeks, we're on the right course. We just have to stay that course, keep pressing the envelope and take advantage of the opportunities that come our way."

- Quarterback Ryan Tannehill

"It's all about football, really. Just good football players and they're well-coached. They have good players and they fly around. It's not going to be any different this weekend. We've got to do a lot of things well in order to win."

- Wide Receiver Danny Amendola

On the Patriots early season struggles...

"They have a bunch of good football players. It's early in the season and everybody in the whole league is trying to figure some things out and trying to get moving, including us. We're going to get up there, give it our best shot and look at the scoreboard after the game and hopefully we come out on top."

- Wide Receiver Danny Amendola

On Rob Gronkowski...

"He's one of, if not the best tight end in the NFL. It's not by mistake. Obviously, I don't know him personally; but growing up watching him, I've seen all his highlights, I've seen all of his workouts, I've seen everything that there is about him. I have a ton of respect for his game and his work ethic and the way he plays, how aggressive he plays, all of that kind of stuff."

- Tight End Mike Gesicki

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