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You'll never believe how this portrait of Tom Brady was made


It's a new look for Tom Brady. 
The Patriots quarterback has been recreated in Crayons – yes, Crayons – thanks to one local artist and hundreds of enthusiastic children. 
The 400-pound portrait was unveiled today at West Elementary School in Andover, Mass., after a recent three-day workshop held by artist Rob Surette. More than 600 students took part in the workshop, each placing approximately 10 crayons in the frame, amounting to about a third of the portrait, while Rob finished up the rest. Despite the fun they had with the art project, the children were unaware that they were creating a portrait of Tom Brady until today's school assembly.


Guinness World Records does not yet have a category for artwork of this kind, but Rob believes the TB12 mosaic would set a record for "The Largest Portrait Made Entirely of Crayons," with a total of 20,724 used.
Regardless of the possible record, we think the portrait is pretty awesome, and so does Tom. The quarterback and his team sent a letter to the students praising them for their teamwork and innovation. 
"Your work is an incredible illustration of the importance of working together when trying ot achieve ambitious goals, and a great example of thinking "outside of the box" about how to use traditional tools and methods," the letter said.
"We're all incredibly impressed with the creativity and dedication that each of you showed while working with Rob on the portrait, and inspired by the fact that this World Record would not have been possible without contributions from everyone."

We agree! 
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