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You need to see these photos from Gronk's weekend away

Rob Gronkowski made a new four-legged friend over the holiday weekend and thankfully there's some very cute photographic evidence.


Rob Gronkowski seems to have a special love for tiny animals.

We're all familiar with his kitten photo shoot from ESPN The Magazine, and over Memorial Day weekend he made a new four-legged friend.

Patriots fan and South Carolina resident Kathy McDonald told us that she bumped into Gronk at a local watering hole and he took a liking to her puppy, Sully.


Who can blame him? The two-month-old Frenchton (Boston terrier-French bulldog mix) is super cute and was even representing Boston sports with a pint-sized Red Sox jersey.

Gentle giant Gronk and best buddy Robert Goon couldn't resist posing for a few photos with Sully before continuing with their weekend festivities.


Thanks to Kathy for getting in touch!

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