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You've never seen Super Bowl XLIX quite like this

Patriots fans will get a whole new look at Super Bowl XLIX on May 5, when official Blu-ray and DVD set "3 Games to Glory IV" hits shelves. 

The seven-hour-long, three-disc set includes every moment of the playoffs and Super Bowl XLIX. It also features exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with Patriots players and coaches. 

It's this extra footage that caught the eye of Peter King, who has the scoop on "3 Games to Glory IV," in today's Monday Morning Quarterback column. According to King, the video series explains how Malcolm Butler made his famous interception and shows never-before-seen footage of his error on a similar play in practice, just three days before the Super Bowl. 

It is "the most enlightening piece of video I've seen in the wake of one of the best Super Bowls ever," King writes.

For Peter King's full story, see And don't forget to visit the Patriots ProShop to pre-order your copy now.

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