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Eye on the game: Charles Johnson


If wide receiver Charles Johnson's season follows a similar path to his pregame routine, the Patriots will have a strong player for the stretch run of the season.

On game day, Johnson gets up and puts on some slow R&B music. While he focuses on the opponents, he likes to relax himself.

"To start off, it is very slow, mellow music," Johnson said. "It is R&B, old school, mellow music. It's the kind of stuff you would listen to if you were trying to fall asleep. It's is just really slow. I would have to almost call it a love-making type of music."

Thus far in the preseason Johnson's statistics are similar to the quiet, soft tunes. In four preseason games he had just four catches for 44 yards, but the last of those grabs was a spectacular diving catch for 21 yards. His involvement in the offense has not been as high as expected, but Head Coach Bill Belichick said last week Johnson is in the plans.

Johnson has shown he can build towards a strong finish. He has scored five of his 23 career touchdowns in the final two games of past seasons. Likewise, after a slow start, Johnson's music picks up the pace.

"The music builds up in speed and just keeps on getting faster all the way up to about an hour before the game," Johnson said. "It has to be something that can really get my blood flowing and get my body pumping. Then I go through what I call my Cali phase, or my West Coast music. That starts getting my blood active. After that it is the Florida style, or Atlanta music. That is the fast, upbeat music. I don't know if you want to call it the go-go music, but it is really upbeat and gets you hopping in your seat. You won't see me dancing though. I leave the dancing stuff to the younger guys."