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Videos - January 2018

Published On Title
2018-01-03 Matthew Slater 1/3: 'This is a very important week for us'
2018-01-03 Devin McCourty 1/3: 'It's about preparing to play our best'
2018-01-04 Bill Belichick 1/4: 'It's a one game season'
2018-01-04 Tom Brady 1/4: 'We're still writing our story. Hopefully, we write a good one'
2018-01-08 Matthew Slater 1/8: 'We're excited about the opportunity'
2018-01-08 David Andrews 1/8: 'We're all here to play for each other'
2018-01-09 Bill Belichick 1/9: Titans an 'impressive team'
2018-01-09 Rob Gronkowski 1/9: 'The intensity is high'
2018-01-09 Devin McCourty 1/9: 'There's no tomorrow in the playoffs'
2018-01-10 Duron Harmon 1/10: 'We need to play our best football'
2018-01-11 Bill Belichick 1/11: Titans have 'a lot of weapons'
2018-01-11 Tom Brady 1/11: 'These are fun games to play in'
2018-01-13 Rob Gronkowski 1/13: 'Everyone played well together'
2018-01-13 Devin McCourty 1/13: 'We just got to keep at it'
2018-01-13 Bill Belichick 1/13: 'Real good effort by our team'
2018-01-13 Tom Brady 1/13: 'It was just a great team win'
2018-01-15 Matthew Slater 1/15: Jaguars are 'an elite football team'
2018-01-15 Duron Harmon 1/15: 'This is going to be a physical game'
2018-01-17 Rob Gronkowski 1/17: 'It's going to be a big, tough challenge'
2018-01-17 Matthew Slater 1/17: 'We have a tremendous fan base'
2018-01-17 Devin McCourty 1/17: 'We need everybody's best'
2018-01-17 Bill Belichick 1/17: 'We're going to have to play our best game of the year'
2018-01-18 David Andrews 1/18: 'Jacksonville has a great D-line'
2018-01-18 Devin McCourty 1/18: 'We just stick to how to win a football game'
2018-01-19 Bill Belichick 1/19: 'We'll be excited and ready to go'
2018-01-19 Danny Amendola 1/19: 'This is a big game'
2018-01-19 Tom Brady 1/19: 'It's going to be a great game'
2018-01-21 Bill Belichick 1/21: 'I'm really proud of our players'
2018-01-21 Tom Brady 1/21: 'Proud of the way we fought'
2018-01-21 Devin McCourty 1/21: 'We had to play perfect'
2018-01-21 Danny Amendola 1/21: 'We knew it was going to come down to the wire'
2018-01-22 David Andrews 1/22: 'This is a big week'
2018-01-22 Matthew Slater 1/22: 'We're excited about the challenge'
2018-01-24 Bill Belichick 1/24: 'Good to be working this week'
2018-01-24 Duron Harmon 1/24: 'It's all business'
2018-01-24 Devin McCourty 1/24: Eagles a 'tough offense'
2018-01-25 David Andrews 1/25: 'Experience doesn't mean much'
2018-01-26 Nate Solder 1/26: 'There's a lot of work to be done'
2018-01-26 Patrick Chung 1/26: Matt Patricia 'brings some fire out of you'