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Videos - October 2018

Published On Title
2018-10-01 Tom Brady 10/1: 'Colts are a dangerous team'
2018-10-02 Devin McCourty 10/2: 'Playing Thursday night involves a lot of mental preparation'
2018-10-09 James White 10/9: 'You've got to be locked in for four quarters'
2018-10-10 Bill Belichick 10/10: On Strengths of Mahomes, Kelce, Hill and the Chiefs
2018-10-10 Rob Gronkowski 10/10: On Travis Kelce and preparing for the Chiefs
2018-10-11 Devin McCourty 10/11: 'We'll have to play our best game'
2018-10-12 Bill Belichick 10/12: Final thoughts on preparing for the Chiefs
2018-10-12 Tom Brady 10/12: 'There's no margin for error'
2018-10-12 Josh Gordon on transitioning to the Patriots offense
2018-10-17 Bill Belichick 10/17: 'Bears have been an impressive team to watch'
2018-10-17 Rob Gronkowski 10/17: 'We have to play better on the road'
2018-10-19 Bill Belichick on Bears offense: 'They hit a lot of big plays'
2018-10-19 Tom Brady 10/19: 'This is the best defense we've played against in a long time'
2018-10-24 Bill Belichick 10/24: 'I'm sure it will be tough on Monday night'
2018-10-24 James White 10/24: 'It's definitely going to be a hostile environment'
2018-10-25 Devin McCourty on playing in Buffalo: 'Records have never mattered'
2018-10-26 Belichick on Van Noy: 'Kyle has given us great leadership'
2018-10-26 David Andrews 10/26: Buffalo is 'always a tough challenge for us'
2018-10-27 Tom Brady 10/27: 'We don't take anyone lightly'
2018-10-27 Rob Gronkowski 10/27: 'Buffalo has the most electric atmosphere you can get in football'
2018-10-31 Bill Belichick 10/31: Packers are 'one of the great organizations in all of sports'