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Videos - November 2018

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2018-11-01 Devin McCourty 11/1: 'Playing Aaron is like playing Tom'
2018-11-02 Bill Belichick 11/2: On the passing of Paul Zimmerman and final thoughts on the Packers
2018-11-07 Bill Belichick 11/7: 'We'll have to play a good football game for four quarters to stay competitive'
2018-11-09 Bill Belichick 11/9: Titans defense 'makes you earn every yard'
2018-11-09 Tom Brady 11/9: 'There is nothing easy about this week for us'
2018-11-09 Rob Gronkowski: 'Just working hard right now'
2018-11-13 Devin McCourty 11/13: 'We have to do a better job of weathering the storm'
2018-11-14 Tom Brady 11/14: 'Hopefully we can learn from the things that have happened'
2018-11-14 James White 11/14: 'We know who we are'
2018-11-19 Matthew Slater 11/19: 'We need better focus, better execution'
2018-11-20 Bill Belichick 11/20: 'Jets are hard to move the ball against'
2018-11-20 James White 11/20: 'It's tough every time we play them'
2018-11-21 Devin McCourty 11/21: 'We have to play better on the road or it won't matter'
2018-11-23 Bill Belichick 11/23: On wrapping up preparation for Jets
2018-11-23 Rob Gronkowski 11/23: 'I feel good. I am ready to go!'
2018-11-26 Matthew Slater 11/26: Win over Jets was a 'step in the right direction'
2018-11-26 David Andrews 11/26: 'We were able to give our runners some chances'
2018-11-28 Bill Belichick 11/28: Vikings look even better than they did last year
2018-11-28 James White 11/28: 'It's going to take our best effort'
2018-11-28 Rob Gronkowski 11/28: 'We all feed off each other'
2018-11-29 Devin McCourty 11/29: 'Everyone has to show up' vs. Vikings
2018-11-30 Bill Belichick 11/30: 'I've learned a lot from Tom [Brady]'
2018-11-30 Tom Brady on the Vikings defense: 'We've got our hands full'
2018-11-30 Julian Edelman 11/30: 'I'm going to go out there and play hard and smart'