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Videos - December 2018

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2018-12-05 Patrick Chung 12/5: 'We have to be better if we want to continue to win games'
2018-12-05 James Develin 12/5: 'Divisional games are always tough'
2018-12-07 Tom Brady 12/7: 'We have a big challenge' in Miami
2018-12-07 Rob Gronkowski 12/7: 'You want to enjoy your time on the field' 
2018-12-13 Rob Gronkowski 12/13: 'We have to keep building chemistry'
2018-12-13 Devin McCourty 12/13: Roethlisberger 'puts pressure on the entire defense'
2018-12-13 Julian Edelman 12/13: 'You can always be better'
2018-12-14 Bill Belichick 12/14: Steelers have a 'great history and tradition'
2018-12-14 Tom Brady 12/14: 'Nothing easy about this'
2018-12-19 Bill Belichick 12/19: Bills are a 'different team than we saw earlier'
2018-12-19 Patrick Chung on Josh Allen: 'We have to do our best to contain him'
2018-12-19 James White 12/19: 'They're going to make us work for every yard' 
2018-12-21 Bill Belichick on Josh Gordon: 'I wish him the very best'
2018-12-21 Tom Brady on Josh Gordon: 'We want him to do what’s best for him'
2018-12-26 Bill Belichick 12/26: 'Looking forward to a big matchup against New York'
2018-12-26 James White 12/26: 'You've got to go out there and find out who's tougher'
2018-12-26 Patrick Chung 12/26: 'For us this is a playoff game'
2018-12-27 Rob Gronkowski 12/27: 'I've been all in all season'
2018-12-27 Devin McCourty 12/27: 'I think we have progressed throughout the season'
2018-12-28 Bill Belichick 12/28: Everybody is committed to beating the Jets
2018-12-28 Tom Brady 12/28: 'We have to finish strong'
2018-12-28 Julian Edelman 12/28: 'The beard definitely does keep me warmer'