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Videos - January 2019

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2019-01-02 Bill Belichick 1/2: 'We'll have to coach and play well as a team collectively'
2019-01-02 James White 1/2: 'This is the most important part of the season'
2019-01-03 Patrick Chung 1/3: 'We have time to rest and see what we can improve on'
2019-01-03 David Andrews 1/3: ' It's a great opportunity'
2019-01-03 Tom Brady 1/3: 'Our story is still being written'
2019-01-07 Matthew Slater 1/7: Chargers 'have been a great road team all year'
2019-01-09 Bill Belichick 1/9: Chargers are 'outstanding in every area'
2019-01-09 Patrick Chung 1/9: 'We're coached to be mentally tough'
2019-01-09 James White 1/9: 'This is what you play for'
2019-01-10 David Andrews 1/10: 'We put a lot of emphasis on our run game'
2019-01-10 Rob Gronkowski 1/10: 'It's going to be rocking come Sunday'
2019-01-11 Bill Belichick 1/11: 'We're playing the Chargers. We're not playing the weather.'
2019-01-11 Tom Brady 1/11: 'You play the game to be in these moments'
2019-01-15 Dont'a Hightower 1/15: 'Arrowhead is one of the hardest places to play'
2019-01-16 James White 1/16: 'It's going to take all of us'
2019-01-16 Tom Brady 1/16: 'This is what it's all about'
2019-01-17 Patrick Chung 1/17: 'It's going to be a battle'
2019-01-17 Rob Gronkowski 1/17: 'It's always a heavyweight fight against the Chiefs'
2019-01-17 Stephon Gilmore 1/17: 'Everybody on their team is explosive'
2019-01-18 Bill Belichick 1/18: Final thoughts on the Chiefs
2019-01-18 Jason McCourty 1/18: 'We're expecting a hard fought football game'
2019-01-18 Julian Edelman 1/18: 'It's going to be a hostile environment'
2019-01-18 Tom Brady 1/18: 'We feel we have a team that can compete against anybody'
2019-01-21 Matthew Slater 1/21: 'What an exciting time'
2019-01-21 David Andrews 1/21: 'It's what you dream of as a little kid'
2019-01-23 James White 1/23: 'It's not going to be easy'
2019-01-23 Shaq Mason 1/23: 'We're all playing for each other'
2019-01-23 Kyle Van Noy 1/23: 'I love playing in games like this'
2019-01-24 Bill Belichick 1/24: 'Impressed with so many things they do'
2019-01-24 Patrick Chung 1/24: Rams are a 'very explosive team'
2019-01-24 Rob Gronkowski 1/24: 'We're going there for one reason to get the win'
2019-01-24 Devin McCourty 1/24: 'What you remember the most is the outcome of the game'
2019-01-25 Jason McCourty 1/25: 'I'm so excited for this teams opportunity'
2019-01-29 Bill Belichick at Super Bowl LIII Opening Night
2019-01-29 Tom Brady at Super Bowl LIII Opening Night
2019-01-29 Tom Brady 1/29: 'I love representing our team'
2019-01-29 Matthew Slater 1/29: 'My love of the game' came from father
2019-01-31 Rob Gronkowski 1/30: 'Yes, no, maybe so' on possible retirement
2019-01-31 Julian Edelman 1/30: 'It means the world' to play in the Super Bowl
2019-01-31 Devin McCourty 1/30: 'It's been a lot of fun this year'
2019-01-31 Tom Brady 1/30: 'I still love the competition'
2019-01-31 Bill Belichick 1/31: The team has 'worked extremely hard'
2019-01-31 Tom Brady on Bill Belichick 1/31: 'I've learned so much from him'