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Videos - October 2019

Published On Title
2019-10-02 Bill Belichick 10/2: 'We can improve in all three phases'
2019-10-02 James White on Stephen Gostkowski 10/2: 'Never want to see a guy like that go down'
2019-10-04 Bill Belichick 10/4: 'Stephen Gostkowski is one of the greatest kickers of all time'
2019-10-04 Tom Brady 10/4: 'It's going to be a challenge down there'
2019-10-06 Josh Gordon 10/6: 'It felt like a home game'
2019-10-06 Tom Brady 10/6: 'We did a better job executing'
2019-10-06 Bill Belichick 10/6: 'Solid effort from all three phases today' 
2019-10-08 Bill Belichick on Daniel Jones: 'He's been impressive'
2019-10-08 Tom Brady 10/8: 'Football is like riding a bike for me now'
2019-10-08 James White 10/8: 'Injuries are a part of the game'
2019-10-08 Devin McCourty 10/8: 'We don't miss a beat'
2019-10-11 Devin McCourty 10/10: 'We did a good job taking advantage of our opportunities'
2019-10-11 Tom Brady 10/10: 'We just grinded it out'
2019-10-11 Bill Belichick 10/10: 'We showed a lot of toughness'
2019-10-17 Bill Belichick 10/17: 'Monday night is always a high energy game'
2019-10-17 James White 10/17: 'We better come out ready to play'
2019-10-17 Devin McCourty 10/17: 'Everybody gets excited for Monday night games'
2019-10-19 Bill Belichick 10/19: On final preps for Jets
2019-10-19 Tom Brady 10/19: 'Jets are going to test us'
2019-10-22 Tom Brady 10/21: 'Three division road wins, that's pretty sweet'
2019-10-22 James White 10/21: 'It was a good performance by us'
2019-10-22 Bill Belichick 10/21: 'Always good to win a division game on the road'
2019-10-22 Devin McCourty 10/21: 'It was about rising to the challenge'
2019-10-23 Bill Belichick 10/23: Browns have 'a lot of explosive players to worry about'
2019-10-23 Devin McCourty 10/23: 'It's a true do your job game for us'
2019-10-25 Bill Belichick 10/25: 'The more you watch Cleveland the more you appreciate the talent they have'
2019-10-28 Devin McCourty 10/27: 'We want to attack the football'
2019-10-30 Bill Belichick 10/30: 'There's not another quarterback in the league like him'
2019-10-30 Devin McCourty 10/30: 'We're going to get their best shot'