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Videos - December 2019

Published On Title
2019-12-02 Bill Belichick 12/1: 'They were the better team'
2019-12-02 Devin McCourty 12/1: 'They just outplayed us'
2019-12-02 Tom Brady 12/1: 'We put ourselves in a pretty deep hole'
2019-12-04 Bill Belichick 12/4: 'Good opportunity and challenge'
2019-12-04 James White 12/4: 'We have a lot of fight on this team'
2019-12-04 Devin McCourty 12/4: 'It's going out there and executing each time'
2019-12-06 Tom Brady 12/6: 'It's going to be a great football game '
2019-12-09 Tom Brady 12/8: 'We didn't make the plays when we needed to'
2019-12-11 Bill Belichick on the Bengals 12/11: 'You can't judge this team by their record'
2019-12-11 James White 12/11: 'Everybody want to go out and play better'
2019-12-11 Devin McCourty 12/11: 'The season is not over'
2019-12-13 Bill Belichick 12/13: 'Hopefully we can go up there and play our best'
2019-12-13 Tom Brady 12/13: 'We have to maximize our potential'
2019-12-15 Devin McCourty 12/15: 'We always give ourselves a chance'
2019-12-15 Bill Belichick 12/15: 'Good win for our football team'
2019-12-15 Tom Brady 12/15: 'Great effort by everybody'
2019-12-17 Bill Belichick 12/17: 'Big challenge for us here'
2019-12-17 James White 12/17: 'It's a tough game every time we play them'
2019-12-19 Bill Belichick 12/19: 'We'll need to play our best game to win'
2019-12-19 Tom Brady 12/19: 'This is what it's all about'
2019-12-22 Tom Brady 12/21: 'It was a big game for us, we needed it'
2019-12-22 Devin McCourty 12/21: 'We put a lot into this game'
2019-12-22 James White 12/21: 'It's a step in the right direction'
2019-12-22 Bill Belichick 12/21: 'Good to see the fruits of our labor'
2019-12-23 James White 12/23: 'You can never drop your guard'
2019-12-24 Devin McCourty 12/24: 'We have to be prepared for anything'
2019-12-27 Bill Belichick 12/27: 'The only game we're focused on is Miami'
2019-12-27 Tom Brady 12/27: 'This is a huge game for us'
2019-12-29 Bill Belichick 12/29: 'We didn't deserve to win'
2019-12-29 Devin McCourty 12/29: 'We have to move forward and get ready to go'
2019-12-31 Bill Belichick 12/31: 'This is what we work for all year'
2019-12-31 James White 12/31: 'We'll have to bring our 'A' game'