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Videos - August 2019

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2019-08-01 Pronunciation: Eric Saubert
2019-08-01 Devin McCourty on Joint Practices: 'All of the work we do here, we take that on the road and see how that measures out'
2019-08-05 Tom Brady on Contract: 'It is what it is'
2019-08-06 Bill Belichick 8/6: 'We can improve in every area'
2019-08-09 Jarrett Stidham 8/8: 'I've grown so much, and I've got to continue to grow'
2019-08-09 Brian Hoyer 8/8: 'They answered the bell and stepped up'
2019-08-09 Jakobi Meyers 8/8: 'I want to be great'
2019-08-09 Chase Winovich 8/8: 'There's a lot to improve on'
2019-08-09 Bill Belichick 8/8: 'I thought our guys played competitively'
2019-08-12 Bill Belichick 8/12: 'Good opportunity for us this week'
2019-08-15 Bill Belichick on Joint Practices: 'This definitely helps our football team'
2019-08-15 Tom Brady 8/15: 'There's still a lot to be gained here'
2019-08-18 Jarrett Stidham 8/17: 'It's been fun to grow together'
2019-08-18 Brian Hoyer 8/17: 'It's all about getting better, one day at a time'
2019-08-18 Damien Harris 8/17: 'We all push each other'
2019-08-18 Chase Winovich 8/17: 'It all goes back to my teammates and the hard work we put in'
2019-08-18 Joejuan Williams 8/17: 'At the end of the day it's a learning curve for me'
2019-08-18 Bill Belichick 8/17: 'It was a solid 60 minute effort'
2019-08-19 Bill Belichick 8/19: 'Good opportunity to get closer to a regular season routine'
2019-08-23 Bill Belichick 8/22: 'I thought we played competitively'
2019-08-23 Devin McCourty 8/22: 'We've been building as a defense'
2019-08-23 Tom Brady 8/22: 'Nobody was out there playing perfect tonight'
2019-08-26 Bill Belichick 8/26: 'Always a good opportunity for us against the Giants'
2019-08-30 Jarrett Stidham 8/29: 'It was a lot of fun'
2019-08-30 Bill Belichick 8/29: 'We had a good opportunity to look at a lot of people'