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Videos - September 2019

Published On Title
2019-09-04 Bill Belichick 9/4: 'Steelers challenge you on every play'
2019-09-06 Bill Belichick 9/6: 'Everybody is excited to get going'
2019-09-09 Bill Belichick 9/8: 'We played well across the board'
2019-09-11 Tom Brady 9/11: 'Things that don't involve me, don't involve me'
2019-09-13 Bill Belichick on Antonio Brown 9/13: 'He's working hard to pick up our offense'
2019-09-15 James White 9/15: 'We wanted to start fast'
2019-09-15 Josh Gordon 9/15: 'There's no way you can pinpoint one facet of our offense and shut it down'
2019-09-15 Devin McCourty 9/15: 'Everyone is playing very selfless'
2019-09-15 Tom Brady 9/15: 'Everyone contributed in the win'
2019-09-15 Bill Belichick 9/15: 'If you don't let them score you can't lose'
2019-09-18 Bill Belichick 9/18: 'Always tough against the Jets'
2019-09-18 Pronunciation: Caleb Benenoch
2019-09-20 Bill Belichick 9/20: 'We've had a lot to prepare for this week'
2019-09-20 Tom Brady 9/20: 'There's never an easy game in the NFL'
2019-09-22 Devin McCourty 9/22: 'The ball has found me 3 games in a row'
2019-09-22 Tom Brady 9/22: '3-0 is a good a feeling'
2019-09-22 Bill Belichick 9/22: 'I thought we played competitively'
2019-09-22 Josh Gordon 9/22: 'I've always been a fighter'
2019-09-25 Bill Belichick 9/25: 'Should be a great environment on Sunday'
2019-09-25 Pronunciation - Jason Vander Laan
2019-09-25 Pronunciation - Najee Toran
2019-09-25 James White 9/25: 'We've got to see what we're made of'
2019-09-25 Tom Brady 9/25: 'This will be the toughest team we've faced'
2019-09-25 Devin McCourty 9/25: 'If you can get a win in that environment it builds character'
2019-09-27 Bill Belichick 9/27: 'Hope we can go out there and play competitively'
2019-09-29 J.C. Jackson 9/29: 'We knew what this game was going to be about'
2019-09-29 Devin McCourty 9/29: 'I'm just trying to make some plays'
2019-09-29 Tom Brady 9/29: 'We have to do a lot better'
2019-09-29 Bill Belichick 9/29: 'It was a tough football game'