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Videos - December 2020

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2020-12-02 Belichick 12/2: Chargers 'make you earn every yard'
2020-12-02 Sights and Sounds: Week 12 vs. Arizona Cardinals
2020-12-02 McCourty 12/2: 'We're a better team than our record shows'
2020-12-03 Bill Belichick 12/3: 'Our expectation for every player is to come in, work hard, and help the team'
2020-12-03 Family & Football, The Way it Should Be
2020-12-03 From the Vault: A week in Colorado Springs
2020-12-03 Coffee with the Coach: Planning for an entire week on the road
2020-12-03 Cam Newton 12/3: 'It's always good to start fast and set the tone of the game'
2020-12-03 Belestrator: Preparing for the Chargers
2020-12-03 Patriots Unfiltered: Cardinals Recap, Chargers Preview, Lawrence Guy 1-on-1
2020-12-04 Memorable Moments: Patriots rout Chargers in 1997 opener
2020-12-04 Trailer: Behind-the-Scenes with Ernie Adams
2020-12-05 Patriots All Access: Chargers Preview 
2020-12-05 Patriots This Week: Chargers Preview
2020-12-06 Damien Harris trails a lead-convoy upfield for 15 yards
2020-12-06 Cam Newton surges ahead on QB keeper for fourth-down pickup
2020-12-06 Cam Newton rushes for a 1-yard touchdown vs. Los Angeles Chargers
2020-12-06 Newton fools Joey Bosa on the read-option for 14 yards
2020-12-06 Gunner Olszewski with a Spectacular Punt Return for the Touchdown
2020-12-06 Cam Newton rushes for a 2-yard touchdown vs. Los Angeles Chargers
2020-12-06 Cody Davis Blocks Chargers Field Goal, Devin McCourty Returns for the Touchdown
2020-12-06 Chase Winovich intercepts Justin Herbert pass
2020-12-06 Cam Newton with a 5-yard touchdown pass to N'Keal Harry
2020-12-06 J.C. Jackson intercepts Justin Herbert pass
2020-12-06 Gunner Olszewski reverses field for 61-yard punt return
2020-12-07 Jarrett Stidham Connects with Gunner Olszewski for a 38-yard Touchdown
2020-12-07 Patriots swarm Justin Herbert for fourth-down sack
2020-12-07 Cam Newton teaches Jake Bailey how to 'Dab' on the sideline
2020-12-07 Newton 12/6: 'Be the hammer and not the nail'
2020-12-07 McCourty 12/6: 'Great work by everybody on our special teams'
2020-12-07 Slater 12/6: 'It's my belief that we are starting to find out our identity'
2020-12-07 What Went Right: The Special Teams Unit Shines
2020-12-07 Belichick 12/6: 'We have a lot of great leadership'
2020-12-07 Press Pass: Players discuss the win
2020-12-07 Belichick 12/7: 'Each game takes on its own personality'
2020-12-07 Gunner Reflects On His Big Day
2020-12-07 Gilmore 12/7: 'We try to get better and better every week'
2020-12-08 Tribute to Tracy Sormanti
2020-12-09 One-on-One with Gunner Olszewski
2020-12-09 Matthew Slater 12/8: 'This could be the last time a Slater plays football in LA'
2020-12-09 Sights and Sounds: Week 13 vs Chargers
2020-12-09 Patriots and Revs help provide Coats4Vets
2020-12-09 Belestrator: Stopping the Rams Rushing Attack 
2020-12-09 Memorable Moments: Patriots use all aspects of the game to beat the Rams in 2004
2020-12-09 Press Pass: “When we play collectively, we give ourselves a great opportunity to win.”
2020-12-09 Baldy’s Breakdowns: Patriots defense shuts out Chargers | Week 13
2020-12-10 Patriots All Access: Rams Preview, Gunner Olszewski 1-on-1, Tracy Sormanti Tribute
2020-12-10 Cavendish Farms Fan Fries: Buffalo Blue Fries
2020-12-10 Patriots Unfiltered: One on One with Cody Davis
2020-12-10 WPMOY Nominee Devin McCourty: The best of humility and humanity
2020-12-11 Patriots Unfiltered TV: Chargers Recap, Rams Preview, Cody Davis 1-on-1
2020-12-11 Cam Akers explodes off left tackle for 35-yard run
2020-12-11 Kenny Young intercepts Cam Newton for a 41 yard touchdown
2020-12-11 Can't-Miss Play: Myles Bryant pickpockets Robert Woods for rolling INT
2020-12-11 Cam Newton finds Damiere Byrd wide open for big 25-yard pickup
2020-12-11 Newton rips pass to Meyers on deep over route for 31 yards
2020-12-11 Rams sniff out Patriots' option play for fourth-and-goal TFL
2020-12-11 Jakobi Meyers secures tipped pass in heavy traffic over the middle
2020-12-11 N'Keal Harry gets UP for eye-popping 30-yard grab
2020-12-11 Slater 12/10: 'Certainly not the homecoming I was looking for'
2020-12-11 What Went Wrong: Offense struggles to score in loss against the Rams
2020-12-11 Press Pass: 'We didn't do anything well enough to give us a chance'
2020-12-11 Belichick 12/11: 'They were better than us last night'
2020-12-12 Sights and Sounds: Week 14 vs. LA Rams
2020-12-12 Patriots This Week: Los Angeles Recap
2020-12-15 Belichick 12/15: 'Try and put together the best game plan'
2020-12-15 Achord 12/15: 'They have a really good established core'
2020-12-16 Belichick 12/16: Dolphins are a 'good team that has thrived off of defensive turnovers'
2020-12-16 Exclusive Member Event
2020-12-16 Devin McCourty 12/16: 'Everything in this league comes down to execution'
2020-12-16 Adrian Phillips 12/16: 'We prepare for each team the same way'
2020-12-17 Belestrator: The Keys to Limiting Turnovers Against the Miami Defense
2020-12-17 Home Field for the Holidays Highlights
2020-12-17 Coffee with the Coach: The play-making ability of Tua Tagovailoa
2020-12-17 One-on-One with Jake Bailey
2020-12-18 Bill Belichick 12/18: On Preparing for the Dolphins and Development of Young Players
2020-12-18 Patriots Unfiltered TV: One-on-One with Damiere Byrd
2020-12-18 Devin Asiasi 12/18: 'I think I've come a long way'
2020-12-18 Onwenu 12/18: 'I feel like I've acclimated to tackle well'
2020-12-18 Jackson 12/18: 'Just got to keep working, keep pushing'
2020-12-19 Patriots All Access: Dolphins Preview 
2020-12-19 Patriots This Week: Dolphins Preview
2020-12-20 Matthew Slater comes through to help pin Dolphins at own 2-yard line
2020-12-20 J.C. Jackson intercepts the Tua Tagovailoa pass
2020-12-20 Adrian Phillips bull rushes his way straight to Tua Tagovailoa for sack
2020-12-20 Cam Newton improvises for shifty third-down dart to James White
2020-12-20 Jacobi Meyers breaks free in Dolphins secondary for 35-yard catch and run
2020-12-20 Newton finds Byrd for 24 yards on long third-down conversion
2020-12-20 Cam Newton's 26-yard strike hits sliding Jakobi Meyers
2020-12-20 What Went Wrong: Run Defense Comes Up Short
2020-12-20 Slater 12/20: 'I've been blessed to have the type of career I've had'
2020-12-20 McCourty 12/20: 'We just have to keep fighting'
2020-12-20 Newton 12/20: 'We just came up short'
2020-12-20 Press Pass: Players talk loss to Dolphins
2020-12-20 Belichick 12/20: 'Miami was just better than we were'
2020-12-21 Patriots donate Christmas trees and gifts to foster families
2020-12-23 Belichick 12/23: 'They're playing as well as any team in the league'
2020-12-23 Coffee with the Coach: Best reaction to a Christmas gift
2020-12-23 Memorable Moments: LeGarrette Blount's rainy day record vs. the Bills
2020-12-23 Belestrator: Preparing for the Buffalo offense
2020-12-23 Bailey 12/23: 'Just gives me the best framework to learn how to work'   
2020-12-23 Slater 12/23: 'Very humbling that people would select me to be an ambassador'
2020-12-23 Campbell's Chunky Surprises Long Time Season Ticket Members with Special Homegating Kit
2020-12-24 One-on-One with Matthew Slater 
2020-12-24 Patriots bring holiday cheer to families around Massachusetts
2020-12-24 Newton 12/24: 'We have to maximize our scoring opportunities'
2020-12-25 Patriots Unfiltered: Dolphins Recap, Bills Preview, Jake Bailey 1-on-1
2020-12-26 Achord 12/26 : 'They have done a great job day in and day out providing leadership'
2020-12-26 McDaniels 12/26: 'Confident going in with the plan we have right now'   
2020-12-26 Patriots This Week: Bills Preview
2020-12-28 Health Care Hero Appreciation Night presented by Optum
2020-12-29 Sony Michel puts Micah Hyde on skates on 29-yard burst
2020-12-29 Fake punt! Bills catch Pats sleeping with creative fourth-down call
2020-12-29 Cam Newton rushes for a 9-yard touchdown
2020-12-29 J.J. Taylor is a blur on 28-yard dash up the middle
2020-12-29 Stefon Diggs with a 50-yard touchdown catch from Josh Allen 
2020-12-29 Stidham hits Meyers underneath for quick 22-yard catch and run
2020-12-29 Belichick 12/28: 'We weren't able to do much in any phase of the game'
2020-12-29 Stidham 12/28: 'Just try to be ready for whatever opportunity I get'
2020-12-29 Newton 12/28: 'I need to get better'
2020-12-29 Press Pass: 'You get what you earn each and every year'
2020-12-29 Fitzy's 2-Minute Drill
2020-12-29 Behind-the-Scenes: Roadtrip in a Pandemic
2020-12-30 My Cause My Cleats: Berj Najarian
2020-12-30 My Cause My Cleats: David Andrews
2020-12-30 My Cause My Cleats: Sony Michel
2020-12-30 My Cause My Cleats: J.J. Taylor
2020-12-30 Belichick 12/30: 'They're gaining confidence and improving as a team'
2020-12-30 Slater 12/30: 'Go out and represent ourselves the best way possible' 
2020-12-31 Memorable Moments: A big day for Curtis Martin in 1995
2020-12-31 Ty Law’s Continued Post-Football Success
2020-12-31 Jets vs Patriots preview Week 17
2020-12-31 Belestrator: Game Planning For The Jets 
2020-12-31 Coffee with the Coach: The Season Finale
2020-12-31 One-on-One with Devin McCourty
2020-12-31 Patriots Unfiltered TV: Bills Recap, Jets Preview, J.J. Taylor 1-on-1
2020-12-31 Cam Newton 12/31: 'We can still end the season the right way and that's with a win'
2020-12-31 Ron Hobson Good Guy Award: Cam Newton