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Videos - August 2020

Published On Title
2020-08-02 McCourty on social justice issues: 'When players see how much power we have, we see things change'
2020-08-02 Andrews: 'I'm excited for the opportunity coming up'
2020-08-02 Slater: 'I want to encourage and uplift my teammates, empower them'
2020-08-02 White: 'Just making sure everybody is up to speed and working as hard as possible'
2020-08-03 Players Arrive for Training Camp
2020-08-03 Back to Work
2020-08-05 Bentley: 'We are still feeling our way around but you do feel safe'
2020-08-05 Jones: 'I am here and ready to go to work'  
2020-08-05 Thuney: 'I'm really fortunate to be able to play here'
2020-08-06 Watch: Patriots players get in conditioning work on Thursday
2020-08-07 McDaniels: 'Thankful for the opportunity to have the chance to work together'
2020-08-07 Best of the Patriots QB Press Conferences from Friday's media availability
2020-08-07 Achord: 'It's all going back to the fundamentals'
2020-08-07 Best of the Patriots coaches Press Conferences from Friday's media availability
2020-08-07 Belichick: 'I feel very good about the environment that we're in'
2020-08-07 Hoyer: 'This has always felt the most like home'
2020-08-07 Stidham: 'I am excited to learn with these guys and compete'
2020-08-07 Newton: 'I'm looking forward to the challenge'
2020-08-10 Wynn: 'I want to show it on the field'
2020-08-10 Edelman: 'Competition makes us all better'
2020-08-10 Be the Change: Willie McGinest encourages local community to vote
2020-08-12 Byrd: 'I like to be a consistent player, someone who can make big plays'
2020-08-12 Burkhead: 'Trying to get comfortable and confident with communication'
2020-08-12 Mason: 'It's good to get out there'
2020-08-12 Training Camp Today: The Patriots are back!
2020-08-12 Wednesday Practice Highlights
2020-08-13 Best of 2019: Devin McCourty Pregame Speeches
2020-08-14 Thursday Practice Highlights
2020-08-14 Training Camp Today: Day two of phase two
2020-08-14 Belichick: 'Where we are and what we can do now is what we are focused on'
2020-08-14 Jason McCourty: 'We are trying to make the team the best we possibly can'
2020-08-14 Simon: 'We are going to prepare to the fullest'
2020-08-14 Training Camp Today: Highlights from the first full team practice
2020-08-14 Friday Practice Highlights
2020-08-16 Sunday's Patriots practice highlights
2020-08-17 Butler: 'Anything we need as a team I gotta step up to the plate'
2020-08-17 Davis: 'Glad to be here, put in the work and try to earn a spot'
2020-08-17 Gilmore: 'We're pushing eachother as a team'
2020-08-17 Belichick: 'We are focusing on things that we can control' 
2020-08-17 Press Pass: 'Everyone is excited and ready to go'
2020-08-17 Training Camp Today: First team practice in pads
2020-08-17 Monday's Patriots practice highlights
2020-08-18 Harry: 'Nothing is given to you, you earn everything day by day'
2020-08-18 McCourty: 'We have to try to improve each day'
2020-08-18 Tuesday's Patriots practice highlights
2020-08-19 White: 'Trying to get into football shape and build that team chemistry'
2020-08-19 Jackson: 'Competing and working hard on making each other better'
2020-08-19 Training Camp Today: Eagerness to improve as a team
2020-08-19 Press Pass: Team Chemistry
2020-08-20 Wednesday Practice Highlights
2020-08-20 Hoyer: 'Competition makes everyone better'
2020-08-20 Slater: 'This old dog is still trying to learn new tricks'
2020-08-20 Press Pass: 'Live in the moment, take advantage of it, and enjoy it'
2020-08-20 Training Camp Today: Practice starts to intensify
2020-08-21 Belichick: 'It's been a solid week of practice'
2020-08-21 McDaniels: 'The joy that I get every day is going through process of teaching'
2020-08-21 Training Camp Today: A practice day to review
2020-08-21 Patriots All Access: Training Camp 2020
2020-08-22 Teaser: Coaches Mic'd Up
2020-08-23 Patriots All Access: Preseason Special
2020-08-23 Training Camp Today: Harry Returns, Offense Makes Progress
2020-08-23 Edelman: 'We're trying to create a cohesive unit, not just in our room, but as a team'
2020-08-23 Andrews: 'Still got a lot of work to do in front of us'
2020-08-24 Belichick: 'The team is starting to feel comfortable'
2020-08-24 Press Pass: Rookie Impressions
2020-08-24 Training Camp Today: Ramping up the intensity at a competitive padded practice
2020-08-26 Belichick: 'We're in the dog days of training camp'
2020-08-26 Newton: 'Every day is a new challenge'
2020-08-26 Training Camp Today: Patriots continue to take form
2020-08-27 Stidham: 'I'm excited to be back out there with the guys'
2020-08-27 Devin McCourty: 'It's been just disheartening'
2020-08-27 Jason McCourty: 'We are all humans, we should all see the significance of a human life'
2020-08-27 White: 'We have to do better as a country, we have to treat each other better'
2020-08-27 Training Camp Today: 11 on 11 drills
2020-08-28 Belichick: 'I'm so proud of this team and the players we have on it'
2020-08-28 Michel: 'It's a blessing that I'm able to get back on the field'
2020-08-28 Training Camp Today: First In-Stadium Practice
2020-08-28 Patriots All Access: Getting Ready for Football
2020-08-29 Coffee with the Coach: Belichick and Zo talk Training Camp
2020-08-29 Press Pass: Highlights from Friday's media access
2020-08-29 DraftKings Presents: Patriots Fantasy Preview
2020-08-29 A patriotic mission for PPE
2020-08-30 How Patriots are preparing to play during COVID-19
2020-08-31 Training Camp Today: Camp Wraps Up
2020-08-31 Belichick: 'We'll be ready when the time comes'
2020-08-31 Slater: 'Working with a sense of purpose and renewed passion for the game'
2020-08-31 Press Pass: Slater and Hoyer talk unity