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Videos - October 2021

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2021-10-01 WBZ's Game Day Forecast for Patriots vs Buccaneers
2021-10-01 Patriots Unfiltered: One on One with Lawrence Guy
2021-10-01 Bill Belichick 10/1: "Each week has its own challenges besides the game itself"
2021-10-01 Davon Godchaux 10/1: "We have to come prepared"
2021-10-01 Isaiah Wynn 10/1: "We're just taking it day by day"
2021-10-01 J.C. Jackson on Mike Evans 10/1: "He's a big time receiver"
2021-10-01 Damien Harris 10/1: "It doesn't matter who we're going up against, we have a job to do" 
2021-10-02 Patriots All Access: Buccaneers Preview
2021-10-02 Patriots This Week: Wrapping up the Saints and preparing for the Buccaneers
2021-10-04 Fans let Brady hear it as he takes field as opponent for the first time
2021-10-04 Ryan Succup pushes 36-yard FG try wide right
2021-10-04 Mac Jones finds Hunter Henry for 11-yard Touchdown vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2021-10-04 Matt Judon wins off the edge to sack Tom Brady for big loss
2021-10-04 Pats' tricky throwback from Meyers to Boldin nearly picks up third-and-17
2021-10-04 Damien Harris makes a Buc whiff on 21-yard catch and run
2021-10-04 Mac Jones finds a wide-open Jonnu Smith for short pass TD
2021-10-04 Jakobi Meyers with a pass completion to Nelson Agholor for a 30-yard Gain vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2021-10-04 Devin McCourty 10/3: "We've shown flashes of being a good football team"
2021-10-04 NFL Week 4: Full Buccaneers vs. Patriots highlights
2021-10-04 Mac Jones 10/3: "I think we're moving in the right direction"
2021-10-04 Jonathan Jones 10/3: "Everyone on this team fights for each other"
2021-10-04 Matt Judon 10/3: "We'll continue to learn"
2021-10-04 Bill Belichick 10/3: "Just fell a little bit short"
2021-10-04 What Went Wrong: Patriots lose 19-17
2021-10-04 Press Pass: Players react to close loss
2021-10-04 Bill Belichick 10/4: "We can improve everywhere"
2021-10-04 Matthew Slater 10/4: "There were some positives that we can build on"
2021-10-04 Dont'a Hightower 10/4: "Each week we feel like we've gotten better"
2021-10-04 Kyle Dugger 10/4: "The goal is to continue to really grow"
2021-10-05 Josh McDaniels 10/5: "Our goal is to win the game"
2021-10-05 Cam Achord on the weather 10/5: "There is a lot that goes into the conditions, it is not just the rain and the kick"
2021-10-05 Brian Belichick on the defense 10/5: "It all needs to be better"
2021-10-06 New England Patriots Cheerleaders: Making The Squad
2021-10-06 The Journey: Jakobi Meyers
2021-10-06 Bill Belichick on Houston 10/6: "They're a team that we're familiar with"
2021-10-06 Belestrator: How to contain Brandin Cooks and Phillip Lindsay
2021-10-06 Devin McCourty on Jamie Collins 10/6: "He brings great energy and presence to the locker room"
2021-10-06 Mac Jones 10/6: "We have a lot of room to grow"
2021-10-06 Brandon Bolden on his year off 10/6: "You never forget how to ride a bike"
2021-10-06 Sights and Sounds: Week 4 vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2021-10-07 Patriots 2001 Lookback: Game Highlights from Week 4 Patriots at Dolphins
2021-10-07 Ted Karras 10/7: "I'm really happy to be here"
2021-10-07 Matt Judon on sack celebrations 10/7: "I always be dancing"
2021-10-07 One-on-one with Brandon Bolden
2021-10-07 Christian Barmore 10/7: "I came here to be the best player I can be"
2021-10-07 Kendrick Bourne 10/7: "The less I can think, the faster I play"
2021-10-07 Justin Herron 10/7: "All we can do is take it one day at a time and one play at a time"
2021-10-07 J.C. Jackson on Brandin Cooks 10/7: "We got to slow this guy down"
2021-10-07 Jakob Johnson 10/7: "It's been a hell of a ride so far"
2021-10-08 Press Pass: Preparing for the Houston Texans
2021-10-08 Bill Belichick 10/8: "Whoever has the opportunity I'm sure they'll make the most of it"
2021-10-08 Jamie Collins 10/8: "This place gave me a place to live out my dreams"
2021-10-08 Chase Winovich 10/8: "It's just about being prepared"
2021-10-08 Adrian Phillips 10/8: "We're still making strides"
2021-10-09 Patriots All Access: Texans Preview
2021-10-09 Patriots Unfiltered TV 10/8: Buccaneers Takeaways, Texans Preview and Jakob Johnson 1-on-1
2021-10-10 Kendrick Bourne storms through Texans via end around
2021-10-10 Kendrick Bourne dodges pursuit on 15-yard catch and run
2021-10-10 Matthew Judon's second sack of the drive ends Texans' TD chances
2021-10-10 Mac Jones' improv shovel pass nets Hunter Henry first-down passage
2021-10-10 Patriots take advantage of shanked Texans punt
2021-10-10 Brandon Bolden finds lane through Texans' D for 24-yard gain
2021-10-10 Nick Folk drills 21-yard game-winning FG
2021-10-10 NFL Week 5: Full highlights from Patriots - Texans
2021-10-10 David Andrews 10/10: "Proud of how everyone responded to adversity"
2021-10-10 Nick Folk 10/10: "It was a great team win"
2021-10-10 Jamie Collins 10/10: "It's always hard on the road to get a win"
2021-10-10 Hunter Henry on Mac Jones 10/10: "He's doing a tremendous job"
2021-10-10 Matt Judon 10/10: "We came together as a team"
2021-10-10 Rhamondre Stevenson 10/10: "It felt great to get back out there with my team"
2021-10-10 Mac Jones 10/10: "Sometimes you just have to find a way to win"
2021-10-10 Press Pass: Patriots react to 25-22 win
2021-10-10 What Went Right: Patriots complete the comeback
2021-10-11 Bill Belichick 10/11: "We have some things to build on"
2021-10-11 Inside the Patriots Locker Room following their victory over the Texans
2021-10-12 Cameron Achord on Nick Folk 10/12: "He delivered a big kick for us"
2021-10-12 Sights and Sounds: NFL Week 5 vs. Houston Texans
2021-10-12 Josh McDaniels on Mac Jones 10/12: "He learns series to series"
2021-10-12 Belichick Breakdown: Top Plays against the Houston Texans
2021-10-12 Coffee with the Coach: Bill Belichick on Seahawks "Double Punt" play
2021-10-13 Dont'a Hightower on Elliott and Pollard 10/13: "Those two guys have a lot of power"
2021-10-13 Matthew Judon on Dak Prescott 10/13: "He's playing really good football right now"
2021-10-13 Bill Belichick on Dallas Defense 10/13: "They can rush, they can cover, and they can play the run"
2021-10-13 Devin McCourty on his performance against Houston 10/13: "As a leader it starts with your performance"
2021-10-13 Mac Jones 10/13: "The fun part is the winning part"
2021-10-14 Press Pass: The challenges of facing the Cowboys
2021-10-14 Ja'Whaun Bentley on Dallas offense 10/14: "They are on a roll right now"
2021-10-14 Davon Godchaux 10/14: "Each and every week you have to bring your hard hat"
2021-10-14 Belestrator: Preparing for the Cowboys high powered offense
2021-10-14 J.C. Jackson 10/14: "This is one of the best offenses we have seen all season"
2021-10-14 Matthew Slater on Cowboys Special Teams 10/14: "They've got good specialists"
2021-10-14 Kyle Dugger 10/14: "Stopping the run is always a big key"
2021-10-14 Hunter Henry 10/14: "We are always trying to better ourselves"
2021-10-14 One-on-One with Matthew Judon
2021-10-14 Do Your Life: Gunner Olszewski in Texas
2021-10-15 Patriots Unfiltered TV 10/15: One-on-One with Gunner Olszewski
2021-10-15 Bill Belichick on Dallas Offense 10/15: "They can put the defense in a lot of stress"
2021-10-15 Yodny Cajuste 10/15: "Feels good to be out there"
2021-10-15 Ted Karras 10/15: "Moving forward we're just going to keep grinding"
2021-10-15 Jahlani Tavai 10/15: "This was the place to call home next"
2021-10-15 Kendrick Bourne 10/15: "We've been growing as a team very well"
2021-10-15 Deatrich Wise Jr. 10/15: "I'm planting the seed of success and watering it every day"
2021-10-16 Patriots All Access: Cowboys Preview, Matthew Judon 1-on-1
2021-10-16 Patriots Unfiltered on TV: Dallas Cowboys preview, Gunner Olszewski One-on-One
2021-10-17 Damien Harris hits cutback lane hard on 21-yard burst
2021-10-17 Mac Jones' 23-yard laser pinpoints Rhamondre Stevenson downfield
2021-10-17 Hunter Henry shows reckless abandon on 20-yard diving TD grab
2021-10-17 Kyle Dugger takes advantage of Dak's misplaced pass with INT
2021-10-17 Damien Harris shoots out of a cannon on 22-yard burst
2021-10-17 Rhamondre Stevenson rushes for a one-yard touchdown vs. Dallas Cowboys
2021-10-18 Romo in awe of Mac Jones' zip pass to diving Meyers
2021-10-18 Full highlights from Cowboys vs. Patriots: NFL Week 6
2021-10-18 Mac Jones 10/17: "We fought really hard"
2021-10-18 Kendrick Bourne 10/17: "You've just got to be mentally tough"
2021-10-18 David Andrews 10/17: "We've got to be better"
2021-10-18 Devin McCourty 10/17: "Tonight hurts"
2021-10-18 Ja'Whaun Bentley 10/17: "They just made more plays than we did"
2021-10-18 Bill Belichick 10/17: "We went toe to toe with them for 60-minutes"
2021-10-18 What Went Wrong: Patriots come up short in overtime
2021-10-18 Damien Harris 10/17: "It was an emotional rollercoaster"
2021-10-18 Press Pass: Players react to overtime loss
2021-10-18 Bill Belichick 10/18: "We did what we thought was best for us"
2021-10-19 Cam Achord on punt team 10/19: "It really all falls back to me and getting that stuff corrected"
2021-10-19 DeMarcus Covington on the Jets 10/19: "This is a good football team, their record just doesn't show it"
2021-10-19 Josh McDaniels 10/19: "We are continuing to grow and evolve offensively and as a team"
2021-10-19 Sights and Sounds: Week 6 vs Dallas Cowboys
2021-10-19 Coffee with the Coach: Richard Seymour's impact in New England
2021-10-20 Mike Onwenu 10/20: "Next week's game is always the most important"
2021-10-20 Bill Belichick 10/20: "Every time you play a team in this league it's a whole new game"
2021-10-20 Jonnu Smith 10/20: "We know that we're not a 2-4 team"
2021-10-20 Adrian Phillips 10/20: "The most important part of the game is the end"
2021-10-20 Mac Jones 10/20: "I think we're moving in the right direction"
2021-10-21 Patriots 2001 Lookback: Game Highlights from Week 6 Patriots at Colts
2021-10-21 Press Pass: Working towards better results
2021-10-21 Matthew Judon on Zach Wilson 10/21: "We have to have consistent pass rush lanes"
2021-10-21 Belestrator: Preparing for the wide receivers on the Jets
2021-10-21 Rhamondre Stevenson 10/21: "We just got to get better"
2021-10-21 Nelson Agholor 10/21: "We need to do whatever we need to do to win football games"
2021-10-21 Myles Bryant 10/21: "As long as you're comfortable you can go out there and play the game you have always played"
2021-10-22 Bill Belichick on Richard Seymour: "Tremendous player with a tremendous skill set"
2021-10-22 Patriots Unfiltered TV 10/21: One-on-One with Nick Folk
2021-10-22 Jalen Mills 10/22: "We have a lot of versatility with this defense"
2021-10-22 Damien Harris 10/23: "We have to be ready to take on any challenge we're faced with"
2021-10-22 Carl Davis 10/22: "We're a tough team to play"
2021-10-22 Jamie Collins 10/22: "It starts up front, we definitely need to stop the run"
2021-10-22 Patriots Hall of Fame inductee Richard Seymour jacket fitting ceremony
2021-10-23 Patriots All Access: Jets Preview, Kendrick Bourne One-on-One
2021-10-23 Patriots This Week: Wrapping up the Cowboys and preparing for the Jets
2021-10-23 Patriots Unfiltered on TV: Cowboys Takeaways, Jets Preview, Nick Folk One-On-One
2021-10-23 Patriots Hall of Fame Sights and Sounds
2021-10-24 Can't-Miss Play: Trick-play TD! Patriots' double pass works perfectly
2021-10-24 Damien Harris rushes for a 1-yard touchdown vs. New York Jets
2021-10-24 Damien Harris rushes for a 32-yard Gain vs. New York Jets
2021-10-24 Jonnu Smith shakes off defender for 28-yard run
2021-10-24 Nick Folk drills his 300th FG for 39 yards
2021-10-24 Mac Jones floats up 15-yard TD pass to Brandon Bolden
2021-10-24 Can’t-Miss Play: Hunter Henry dives for one-handed TD grab
2021-10-24 Seymour, Sormanti Honored at Halftime
2021-10-24 Kyle Dugger uses all his finger strength for crazy INT
2021-10-24 Damien Harris rushes for a 3-yard touchdown vs. New York Jets
2021-10-24 J.C. Jackson looks like WR with toe-tapping sideline INT
2021-10-24 Kendrick Bourne with a spectacular catch for a 46-yard Gain vs. New York Jets
2021-10-24 J.J. Taylor rushes for a 1-yard touchdown vs. New York Jets
2021-10-24 Ja'Whaun Bentley meets Ty Johnson upon handoff delivery
2021-10-24 Can't-Miss Play: N'Keal Harry absolutely Mosses defender
2021-10-24 J.J. Taylor plows in for the 1-yard TD
2021-10-24 Full Jets vs. Patriots highlights: NFL Week 7
2021-10-24 David Andrews 10/24: "Today was definitely a step in the right direction"
2021-10-24 Brandon Bolden 10/24: "We all needed that win"
2021-10-24 Bill Belichick 10/24: "Proud of the way the team bounced back"
2021-10-24 Matthew Judon 10/24: "It was clicking in all phases"
2021-10-24 Damien Harris 10/24: "We were pleased to see our hard work pay off"
2021-10-24 Press Pass: Patriots win 54-13
2021-10-24 What Went Right: Patriots bounce back with big win
2021-10-25 Bill Belichick 10/25: "We are taking it day by day and always trying to improve"
2021-10-25 Adrian Phillips 10/25: "This group of guys that we've got are confident"
2021-10-25 Christian Barmore 10/25: "We're just going to get better"
2021-10-25 Matthew Slater 10/25: "We trusted our process, we prepared the right way"
2021-10-25 Inside the Patriots Locker Room following their victory over the Jets
2021-10-26 Damien Harris on Good Morning Football
2021-10-26 Cameron Achord on Nick Folk 10/26: "He knows exactly what he needs to do during the week"
2021-10-26 Jerod Mayo on Austin Ekeler 10/26: "He is one of the top backs in my opinion"
2021-10-26 Josh McDaniels on Chargers defense 10/26: "You just got to be disciplined"
2021-10-26 Steve Belichick 10/26: "Win or lose you have to keep pushing forward"
2021-10-26 Sights and Sounds: NFL Week 7 vs. New York Jets
2021-10-26 Coffee with the Coach: Twitter Question of The Week
2021-10-27 Hunter Henry on Jets win 10/27: "We've got to turn the page and do it again"
2021-10-27 Lawrence Guy 10/27: "Every week is a new week"
2021-10-27 Bill Belichick 10/27: "Chargers can score from anywhere on the field"
2021-10-27 Davon Godchaux 10/27: "Coming off a win always gives you confidence"
2021-10-27 Josh Uche 10/27: "The next game is the most important one"
2021-10-27 Mac Jones 10/27: "We have to focus on us and do our best"
2021-10-27 Devin McCourty 10/27: "We've got to come ready to play"
2021-10-28 NFL Slimetime: Patriots' scary-good trick play TD
2021-10-28 Kyle Van Noy on Austin Ekeler 10/28: "It takes everybody to get a player like that on the ground"
2021-10-28 Belestrator: Breaking down the Chargers offense
2021-10-28 Robert Kraft Surprises Family with Super Bowl Tickets
2021-10-28 Brian Hoyer on Mac Jones 10/28: "He is always constantly trying to learn and trying to get better"
2021-10-28 Jalen Mills on Justin Herbert 10/28: "He is having a phenomenal year right now"
2021-10-28 One-on-One with Damien Harris
2021-10-28 Bill Belichick Mic'd Up During Win Over Jets
2021-10-29 Week 8 Hype Video: Patriots vs. Chargers
2021-10-29 Bill Belichick on Joey Bosa 10/29: "He's a major problem"
2021-10-29 Calvin Munson 10/29: "Whatever opportunities come my way, I'm going to try to take advantage of them"
2021-10-29 Kyle Dugger 10/29: "Glad to be out there and be trusted"
2021-10-29 Jakob Johnson on the coaches 10/29: "They expect us to work our hardest when it matters the most"
2021-10-29 Nelson Agholor 10/29: "My comfort level comes down to preparation"
2021-10-29 Patriots Unfiltered TV 10/29: One-on-One with Isaiah Wynn
2021-10-30 Patriots All Access: Chargers Preview, Damien Harris One-On-One
2021-10-30 Patriots This Week: Wrapping up the Jets and preparing for the Chargers
2021-10-30 Patriots Unfiltered TV: Jets Takeaways, Chargers Preview, Isaiah Wynn One-On-One
2021-10-31 Nelson Agholor snags Mac Jones' deep launch for 44-yard over-the-shoulder grab
2021-10-31 Damien Harris caps Pats' 10-play drive with 1-yard TD plunge
2021-10-31 Matthew Judon ambushes Herbert on unblocked sack
2021-10-31 Adrian Phillips swipes deflected INT against former team
2021-10-31 Mac Jones threads needle to N'Keal Harry for 15 yards
2021-10-31 Nick Folk's 48-yard FG puts Patriots back on top
2021-10-31 Damien Harris 10/31: "We know we can play with anybody"
2021-10-31 David Andrews 10/31: "We're building confidence in each other"