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Videos - December 2021

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2021-12-01 Bill Belichick 12/1: Bills are "top to bottom a good football team"
2021-12-01 Route 140 Egress: Ground Footage
2021-12-01 Route 140 Egress: Drone Footage
2021-12-01 Trent Brown 12/1: "Personally, there's still a lot of room to grow"
2021-12-01 Hunter Henry 12/1: "We have to be ready to go on all levels"
2021-12-01 Kyle Van Noy on the Van Noy Valor Foundation 12/1: "I just want to create more opportunities for these kids"
2021-12-01 Mac Jones 12/1: "People who love football want to play in games like these"
2021-12-01 Devin McCourty 12/1: "It's going to be the toughest challenge of the season"
2021-12-01 Super Surprise for the Haley Family
2021-12-01 Belestrator: Breaking down the weapons on the Buffalo Bills
2021-12-02 Matthew Judon shares what he would do with a bucket of slime 'NFL Slimetime'
2021-12-02 Matthew Slater 12/2: "There's going to be some adversity when you play in a hostile environment"
2021-12-02 Dont'a Hightower 12/2: "Josh Allen is playing really good ball"
2021-12-02 Matthew Judon 12/2: "Josh Allen is becoming one of those franchise QB's we will see for a very long time"
2021-12-02 Myles Bryant 12/2: "It's just making sure the next guy is prepared, whoever that may be"
2021-12-02 Nelson Agholor 12/2: "Any opportunity you get to compete and play the game you love brings a lot of excitement"
2021-12-02 Monday Night Memories: Buffalo Bills
2021-12-02 Jakobi Meyers 12/2: "When it's time to work, we gonna work"
2021-12-02 One-on-One with Nick Folk
2021-12-03 Patriots 2001 Lookback: Game Highlights from Week 12 Patriots at Jets
2021-12-03 Press Pass: Bills Mafia
2021-12-03 AFC Playoff Picture
2021-12-03 Patriots Unfiltered: One-on-One with Damien Harris
2021-12-03 Bill Belichick 12/3: "Buffalo is always a challenging place to play"
2021-12-03 My Cause My Cleats unboxing
2021-12-03 Jonnu Smith 12/3: "I think it's the smaller details that we set a higher standard of achievement"
2021-12-03 J.C. Jackson 12/3: "It's still the same. Go out and compete. Dominate"
2021-12-03 Nick Folk 12/3: "You just gotta take it day by day"
2021-12-03 Kendrick Bourne on playing the Bills 12/3: "It's an exciting opportunity"
2021-12-03 David Andrews 12/3: "The biggest thing is just practice and consistency"
2021-12-04 Patriots All Access: Bills Preview, Nick Folk 1-on-1
2021-12-04 Patriots This Week: Wrapping up the Titans and preparing for the Bills 
2021-12-04 Patriots Unfiltered on TV: Bills Preview, Damien Harris 1-on-1
2021-12-04 Deatrich Wise Jr. on on Josh Allen 12/4: "Looking forward to keeping him in the pocket"
2021-12-04 Damien Harris 12/4: "We know what the formula is for us"
2021-12-06 Most intriguing QB to watch down '21 stretch? 'GMFB' weighs in
2021-12-07 Buffalo's blizzard wind shakes goalposts back and forth
2021-12-07 J.C. Jackson blows up Bills' WR screen with textbook TFL
2021-12-07 Matt Breida bobbles Josh Allen's handoff for key Patriots takeaway
2021-12-07 Can't-Miss Play: Damien Harris EXPLODES for career-long 64-yard TD
2021-12-07 Brandon Bolden gives Pats early 8-point lead on two-point conversion toss play
2021-12-07 Jonnu Smith highpoints play-action pass with one-handed juggling act
2021-12-07 Brandon Bolden's tremendous patience creates 16-yard third-down rumble
2021-12-07 Nick Folk rewards Pats' decision to kick with 41-yard FG down the pipe
2021-12-07 Damien Harris bursts through gap for 17-yard pickup
2021-12-07 Damien Harris eclipses 100 yards rushing with 22-yard pickup off edge
2021-12-07 Rhamondre Stevenson's strong running nets 10-yard pickup
2021-12-07 Judon's dominant bullrush sets up MAJOR sack on Josh Allen
2021-12-07 Adrian Phillips knocks go-ahead TD out of Dawson Knox's grasp for HUGE third-down PBU
2021-12-07 Bill Belichick is all smiles after Myles Bryant's fourth-down PBU denies Bills points
2021-12-07 Damien Harris' best runs from 111-yard game Week 13
2021-12-07 Mac Jones 12/6: "It was incredible to see the team effort in a game like this"
2021-12-07 David Andrews 12/6: "What a memorable game that will be"
2021-12-07 Brandon Bolden 12/6: "It was a hard fought game"
2021-12-07 Full Highlights from Patriots vs. Bills: NFL Week 13
2021-12-07 Rhamondre Stevenson 12/6: "I've never played in weather like this"
2021-12-07 Myles Bryant 12/6: "I'm glad I was able to make a play"
2021-12-07 Nick Folk 12/6: "You got to just go out there and embrace it"
2021-12-07 Matthew Judon 12/6: "I'm extremely proud of this team"
2021-12-07 Devin McCourty 12/6: "That's a team performance"
2021-12-07 Bill Belichick 12/6: "It was really good to come here and win"
2021-12-07 Press Pass: Patriots players react to a win in frigid conditions
2021-12-07 What Went Right: Patriots run game dominates
2021-12-07 Bill Belichick 12/7: "Good to see our team perform well and get a win in the division"
2021-12-07 Patriots Announce Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee
2021-12-07 Baldinger's film breakdown of Patriots' rushing dominance vs. Bills in Week 13
2021-12-07 Inside the Patriots Locker Room after the Win over the Bills
2021-12-08 Are Patriots best team in AFC? 'GMFB'
2021-12-08 Lawrence Guy 12/8: "We continue to strive to get better"
2021-12-08 Matthew Slater 12/8: "We are nowhere close to where we want to be"
2021-12-08 AFC Playoff Picture
2021-12-08 Davon Godchaux 12/8: "Everybody was writing us off and now everybody is on the bandwagon"
2021-12-08 Mac Jones 12/8: "We have a bunch of guys that care for each other"
2021-12-08 Children's Holiday Party
2021-12-08 Sights and Sounds: Week 13 vs Buffalo Bills
2021-12-09 Patriots 2001 Lookback: Game Highlights from Week 13 Patriots vs Browns
2021-12-09 One-on-One with David Andrews
2021-12-10 Patriots Unfiltered: One-on-One with Davon Godchaux
2021-12-10 Patriots: My Cause My Cleats
2021-12-10 Gillette Stadium Transition 2022-23
2021-12-11 Patriots All Access: Bye Week
2021-12-11 Patriots This Week: Bills Lookback and End of Season Preview
2021-12-11 Patriots Unfiltered on TV: Recapping the Bills, Davon Godchaux 1-on-1
2021-12-13 Bill Belichick 12/13: Colts "have a lot of disruptive players"
2021-12-13 Josh McDaniels 12/13: "I'm very fortunate to be where I'm at"
2021-12-13 Cameron Achord 12/13: "They have talent everywhere"
2021-12-13 Steve Belichick on the Colts 12/13: "They're all a problem that we need to be ready to face"
2021-12-13 Jerod Mayo on Ja'Whaun Bentley 12/13: "Bentley has definitely taken leaps and bounds on and off the field"
2021-12-14 Trent Brown 12/14: "The Colts will be a really good test for us"
2021-12-14 Adrian Phillips 12/14: "The bye week took a long time to get here, but came right on time"
2021-12-14 Coffee with the Coach: How to prepare for Jonathan Taylor
2021-12-14 Dont'a Hightower 12/14: "Once it's time to go, it's time to go"
2021-12-14 Belestrator: RB Jonathan Taylor and CB Kenny Moore II
2021-12-14 My Cause My Cleats: Jonathan Jones honors his aunt
2021-12-14 Christian Barmore 12/14: "I love being the enemy"
2021-12-14 Devin McCourty 12/14: "It'll be a battle of wills on Saturday night"
2021-12-14 Jakob Johnson Celebrates 1000 NFL Snaps
2021-12-15 Jakob Johnson 12/14: "Every day is a different challenge in the NFL"
2021-12-15 Michael Robinson: Why Patriots-Colts will be an 'epic matchup'
2021-12-15 Patriots Foundation hosts annual Gifts From The Gridiron holiday shopping event
2021-12-15 Ted Karras 12/15: "I think our coaches have a great game plan"
2021-12-15 David Andrews 12/15: "There's always things to learn. It's always changing. It's always evolving"
2021-12-15 Matthew Judon 12/15: "We just gotta finish this week out strong and also take it week by week"
2021-12-15 Bill Belichick 12/15: "They are good at all levels of the game"
2021-12-15 Do Your Job: Patriots Field Crew
2021-12-15 Hunter Henry 12/15: "I just feel ready to go everytime I'm out there"
2021-12-15 Mac Jones 12/15: "They have a great defense and great players all around"
2021-12-15 J.C. Jackson 12/15: "I've been studying more. Putting more out on the practice field"
2021-12-16 Press Pass: Preparing for the Indianapolis Colts
2021-12-16 Davon Godchaux 12/16: "It's on to Indy. That's the mindset"
2021-12-16 Jakobi Meyers 12/16: "That's the most important thing, taking care of the ball"
2021-12-16 Bill Belichick 12/16: On Lawrence Taylor, Contributions from Davon Godchaux, Brandon Bolden and more
2021-12-16 Rhamondre Stevenson 12/16: "I just put my head down and work"
2021-12-16 Kyle Van Noy 12/16: "I've always had a knack for the ball"
2021-12-16 One-on-One with Matthew Slater
2021-12-17 Patriots 2001 Lookback: Game Highlights from Week 14 Patriots at Bills
2021-12-17 Unfiltered on TV: One-on-One with Myles Bryant
2021-12-17 AFC Playoff Picture: NFL Week 15
2021-12-18 Patriots All Access: Colts Preview
2021-12-18 Patriots This Week: Primetime at Lucas Oil Stadium
2021-12-18 Patriots Unfiltered on TV: Colts Preview, Myles Bryant 1-On-1
2021-12-19 Mac Jones tosses dime on 25-yard pass to Hunter Henry
2021-12-19 Deatrich Wise Jr. gets to Carson Wentz for 3rd-down sack
2021-12-19 Mac Jones executes cross body throw to Hunter Henry for first down
2021-12-19 Mac Jones finds a wide-open Hunter Henry on crossing route TD
2021-12-19 Can't-Miss Play: Devin McCourty snags INT off Wentz's tipped pass
2021-12-19 Can't-Miss Play: Mac Jones launches deep 43-yard pass to N'Keal Harry
2021-12-19 Mac Jones fits tight-window pass to Henry for 7-yard TD
2021-12-19 David Andrews 12/18: "You can't win games until you stop losing them"
2021-12-19 Hunter Henry 12/18: "We weren't on our game today"
2021-12-19 Full Patriots vs. Colts highlights: NFL Week 15
2021-12-19 Matthew Slater 12/18: "This is a good wake-up call for us"
2021-12-19 Bill Belichick 12/18: "We didn't do anything well enough to win"
2021-12-19 Devin McCourty 12/18: "We didn't play particularly well"
2021-12-19 Mac Jones 12/18: "It wasn't our best effort"
2021-12-19 Matthew Judon 12/18: "Every game is a learning experience"
2021-12-19 What Went Wrong: Colts snap Patriots win streak
2021-12-19 Press Pass: Patriots players react to falling short in Indianapolis
2021-12-20 Bill Belichick 12/20: "It obviously was a frustrating game"
2021-12-20 Jamie Collins 12/20: "At the end of the day, I have to be the best me"
2021-12-20 Brandon Bolden 12/20: "This is a team game. We all have to play for each other"
2021-12-20 Lawrence Guy 12/20: "We all know this is going to be a hard-fought game"
2021-12-21 Cameron Achord 12/21: "It falls back on me to make sure that the guys are understanding what I'm asking for"
2021-12-21 Brian Belichick 12/21: "There's a lot to get ready for"
2021-12-21 Josh McDaniels 12/21: "We will go in with a plan that we feel comfortable about"
2021-12-21 Giardi: Bills-Pats destined to be 'the game of the weekend'
2021-12-21 Coffee with the Coach: Thoughts on Coach Belichick's upcoming career milestone
2021-12-21 Belestrator: Breaking down Buffalo's defense and preparing for Josh Allen
2021-12-22 Bill Belichick 12/22 on Kendrick Bourne potentially being removed from Covid-19 list, Buffalo Bills preps and more
2021-12-22 Matthew Judon receives "Good Guy" award from PFWA
2021-12-22 Matthew Judon 12/22: "We've got to go out and protect home field"
2021-12-22 Dont'a Hightower 12/22: "We are coming together and continuing to work together"
2021-12-23 David Andrews on Mac Jones 12/23: "I'm glad he's on our team. Hopefully we get to work with him a long time"
2021-12-23 Playoff Picture and Clinching Scenarios for Week 16
2021-12-23 One-on-One with Devin McCourty
2021-12-23 Press Pass: Patriots Readying for the Bills
2021-12-23 Gunner Olszewski 12/23: "I try to work on everything I can to be ready when the team needs"
2021-12-23 Hunter Henry 12/23: "It's going to be a tough game. We know it is"
2021-12-23 J.C. Jackson 12/23: "I got to lead by example"
2021-12-23 Kyle Dugger 12/23: "I just have to be smarter and learn from it"
2021-12-24 Patriots Unfiltered: One-on-One with Deatrich Wise Jr.
2021-12-24 AFC Playoff Picture: NFL Week 16
2021-12-24 Best gifts from Patriots offseason spending spree
2021-12-24 Bill Belichick 12/24: On Final Preps for Bills, Shaq Mason, Kyle Dugger, Christmas and More
2021-12-24 Jalen Mills 12/24:  "It's all about getting back to us"
2021-12-24 Ted Karras on Jarrett Stidham 12/24: "Works his hardest and contributed a lot, and is a good friend of mine"
2021-12-24 Jonnu Smith 12/24: "We are getting better and focusing on getting better"
2021-12-25 Patriots All Access: Bills Preview
2021-12-25 Patriots This Week: Colts Lookback and Bills Preview
2021-12-25 Patriots Unfiltered on TV: Bills Preview, Deatrich Wise Jr. One-on-One
2021-12-26 Damien Harris activates speed burst on 16-yard TD run
2021-12-26 Josh Allen's fourth-down pass goes off Sanders' hands in end zone
2021-12-26 Jahlani Tavai employs hit in big way vs. Marquez Stevenson
2021-12-26 Damien Harris powers in second TD of game
2021-12-26 Damien Harris refuses to be stopped en route to third TD
2021-12-26 Damien Harris 12/26: "We're not executing well enough"
2021-12-26 Jakobi Meyers 12/26: "We hurt ourselves in a lot of situations"
2021-12-26 David Andrews 12/26: "It comes down to execution"
2021-12-26 Kyle Van Noy 12/26: "We can't point the finger we just have to get together as a team"
2021-12-26 Devin McCourty 12/26: "It's basically playoff games from here on out"
2021-12-26 Mac Jones 12/26: "It was obvious the Bills were the better team"
2021-12-26 What Went Wrong: Buffalo takes AFC East lead
2021-12-26 Damien Harris' most dominant plays from 3-TD game
2021-12-26 Press Pass: Patriots players react to a tough division loss
2021-12-27 Bill Belichick on this upcoming week: "Prepare well, practice well, put it out there on Sunday"
2021-12-27 Matthew Slater 12/27: "I believe that we will fight no matter the circumstances"
2021-12-27 Isaiah Wynn 12/27: "We just got to execute better"
2021-12-27 Jakob Johnson 12/27: "Football is an emotional game and there will always be ups and downs"
2021-12-28 Josh McDaniels 12/28: "The passing game is a function of a lot of people doing their job well"
2021-12-28 Coffee with the Coach: What's the piece of paper for?
2021-12-28 Steve Belichick 12/28: "We have to learn from our mistakes and move forward"
2021-12-28 Jerod Mayo 12/28: "We've got to come to work every day"
2021-12-29 Bill Belichick on John Madden 12/29: "Huge loss for the NFL"
2021-12-29 Dont'a Hightower 12/29: "We know what we're capable of"
2021-12-29 Mac Jones on Jaguars Defense 12/29: "They bring a lot of pressure"
2021-12-29 Adrian Phillips 12/29: "We know what we have to fix"
2021-12-30 Kendrick Bourne 12/30: "We just got to fix what we've been struggling with"
2021-12-30 Hunter Henry 12/30: "We've got to come out and start faster"
2021-12-30 One-on-One with Adrian Phillips
2021-12-30 AFC Playoff Picture: NFL Week 17
2021-12-30 Belestrator: Breaking down the Jacksonville Jaguars
2021-12-30 Damien Harris 12/30: "I love this game. I love this team"
2021-12-30 Myles Bryant 12/30: "You want to make the play that helps the team win"
2021-12-31 Patriots Unfiltered: One-on-One with Matthew Slater
2021-12-31 Patriots Commission Local Graffiti Artists to Create Social Justice Mural
2021-12-31 Bill Belichick 12/31: "We're ready to go on their full roster"
2021-12-31 Jamie Collins 12/31: "We dug ourselves a hole, we just gotta climb back out of it"
2021-12-31 Trent Brown on New Year's resolutions 12/31: "Trying to be a better man. Keep growing"
2021-12-31 Kyle Dugger 12/31: "We know it's up to us to dig in everyday, and do what we have to do to come out on the right side of things"