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Videos - August 2021

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2021-08-02 Bill Belichick 8/2: 'There is no comparison between this year and last year'
2021-08-02 Rhamondre Stevenson 8/2: 'I'm just trying to learn how to be a pro'
2021-08-02 Josh Uche 8/2: 'I have a steady understanding of the foundation of the defense'
2021-08-02 Kendrick Bourne 8/2: 'I haven't even played yet and the fans have embraced me'
2021-08-02 Jalen Mills 8/2: 'When you get opportunities you need to make the most of them'
2021-08-02 Raekwon McMillian 8/2: 'When he plays you're going to sit there and watch him'
2021-08-02 Isaiah Wynn 8/2: 'I am looking forward to progressing'
2021-08-02 Press Pass: Getting Ready for Full Pads
2021-08-03 Jonathan Jones 8/3: 'They like to compete'
2021-08-03 Deatrich Wise 8/3: 'I am a powerful player, I love pads'
2021-08-03 Devin McCourty 8/3: 'We have to build awareness as a defense'
2021-08-03 Press Pass: First Day of Full Pads 
2021-08-03 Day 6 Debrief: First Practice in Full Pads
2021-08-04 Bill Belichick 8/4: 'We will get started on fundamentals and that will be a lengthy process'
2021-08-04 Ivan Fears 8/4: 'I am pleased with what we got'
2021-08-04 Troy Brown 8/4: 'It's a competition out here every single day'
2021-08-04 Josh McDaniels 8/4: 'It's more about the process'
2021-08-04 Mick Lombardi 8/4: 'Every single guy is trying to gain and take steps'
2021-08-04 Carmen Bricillo 8/4: 'We are working everyday, trying to get better'
2021-08-04 Press Pass: Patriots Coaches on Players Progressing
2021-08-05 Bill Belichick 8/5: 'All our players are making progress'
2021-08-05 Brian Hoyer 8/5: 'I'm still learning too'
2021-08-05 Mac Jones 8/5: 'I need to take it day by day and stick to the process'
2021-08-05 Cam Newton 8/5: 'You got to be able to deliver'
2021-08-06 Devin and Jason McCourty preparing to face off in Week 1
2021-08-07 David Andrews 8/6: 'Excited to get back to a football environment'
2021-08-07 Adrian Phillips 8/6: 'It was great to have the fans here today'
2021-08-07 Jonnu Smith 8/6: 'It's awesome to feel the gameday vibes'
2021-08-07 Dont'a Hightower 8/6: 'Guys want to learn'
2021-08-07 Press Pass: An amazing atmosphere
2021-08-08 N'Keal Harry 8/8: 'I'm feeling good out there'
2021-08-08 Justin Bethel 8/8: 'X's and O's don't move'
2021-08-08 Matthew Slater 8/8: 'As you get older you need to work smarter'
2021-08-08 Henry Anderson 8/8: 'Feels like training camp to me'
2021-08-08 Carl Davis 8/8: 'I'm just trying to help my team in any type of way'
2021-08-08 Harvey Langi 8/8: 'I'm excited to be here'
2021-08-09 J.C. Jackson 8/9: 'I'm just trying to improve everyday'
2021-08-09 Quinn Nordin 8/9: 'I am just focused on getting better and taking everything one day at a time'
2021-08-09 Devin Asiasi 8/9: 'I just put my trust in those guys, I focus on coming in and getting the work in'
2021-08-10 Bill Belichick 8/10: 'Every game is an opportunity'
2021-08-10 NFL Rule Changes and Points of Emphasis for 2021
2021-08-10 Davon Godchaux 8/10: 'Getting better in my technique and my craft one day at a time'
2021-08-10 Trent Brown 8/10: 'I'm excited to be back'
2021-08-10 Jakobi Meyers 8/10: 'It's all about getting the momentum and finding that rhythm'
2021-08-10 Jalen Mills 8/10: 'I get to see the fans, it's a different scenery for me'
2021-08-10 Matt Judon 8/10: 'We are going to see how fast we gel together'
2021-08-11 Debrief: Training Camp Leading to First Preseason Game
2021-08-12 Patriots rookies visit Together Beat Hate
2021-08-12 Volunteers celebrated at Myra Kraft Community MVP Awards 
2021-08-13 Matt Judon is fired up after early third-down TFL
2021-08-13 Jonnu Smith is a tackle-breaking machine on 16-yard gain
2021-08-13 Quinn Nordin drills first preseason FG attempt
2021-08-13 Joejuan Williams 8/12: 'It felt good that I was out there playing'
2021-08-13 Kristian Wilkerson 8/12: 'Doing what coaches tell me to do in the classroom'
2021-08-13 Can't-Miss Play: Rhamondre Stevenson can't be caught on 91-YARD TD
2021-08-13 Full Washington - Patriots Game Highlights | Preseason Week 1
2021-08-13 Tashawn Bower 8/12: 'We work hard'
2021-08-13 Cam Newton 8/12: 'It was fun, it was something I haven't witnessed before'
2021-08-13 Bill Belichick 8/12: 'It was a good experience for the guys that played'
2021-08-13 Press Pass: Preseason Game 1 
2021-08-13 Bill Belichick 8/13: 'It was a good evaluation night, hopefully we can build on that'
2021-08-13 Debrief: Breaking down the win over Washington
2021-08-15 Bill Belichick 8/15: 'Looking forward to the opportunity to move our football team ahead and improve it'
2021-08-15 Dont'a Hightower 8/15: 'We've got a lot of guys with a lot of different skills'
2021-08-15 Kendrick Bourne 8/15: 'The chemistry is definitely growing quick here'
2021-08-16 'Top 100 Players of 2021': Stephon Gilmore No. 47
2021-08-16 Kyle Van Noy 8/16: 'At the end of the day I am here to work'
2021-08-16 Mac Jones 8/16: 'Staying on the same page is what it is all about'
2021-08-16 Cam Newton 8/16: 'The energy is set as soon as you walk out here'
2021-08-16 Nelson Agholor 8/16: 'We came out here to compete and learn as players'
2021-08-16 Jalen Mills 8/16: 'I am willing to do anything to help win football games'
2021-08-16 James White 8/16: 'You got to make adjustments on the fly'
2021-08-16 Press Pass: 'This is a field full of alpha males'
2021-08-16 Debrief: Day 1 of Patriots Joint Practices with Philadelphia Eagles
2021-08-16 Patriots-Eagles day 1 joint practice highlights
2021-08-17 Bill Belichick 8/17: 'This will be a really valuable learning day'
2021-08-17 Devin Asiasi 8/17: 'I'm getting my conditioning back up'
2021-08-17 Sony Michel 8/17: 'We have to adjust and execute as best as we can'
2021-08-17 Adrian Phillips 8/17: 'It's all about playing the ball'
2021-08-17 Jakobi Meyers 8/17: 'There's always a learning opportunity'
2021-08-17 Rhamondre Stevenson 8/17: 'I'm feeling more comfortable and more confident'
2021-08-17 Christian Barmore 8/17: 'It's all about getting better'
2021-08-17 Debrief: Day 2 of Patriots Joint Practices with Philadelphia Eagles
2021-08-19 One on One with Josh Uche
2021-08-20 Cam Newton rips fastball to Kendrick Bourne for 23-yard gain
2021-08-20 Damien Harris finds a seam for quick TD after Eagles' early turnover
2021-08-20 Cam Newton's dump-off to Meyers ends in 8-yard TD
2021-08-20 Kyle Dugger disrupts Flacco's fourth-down throw in the end zone
2021-08-20 Sony Michel throws Alex Singleton by him on elusive catch and run
2021-08-20 Mac Jones threads needle to Gunner Olszewski
2021-08-20 J.J. Taylor caps strong drive with TD off the edge
2021-08-20 Pats drop Nick Mullens for big sacks on consecutive snaps
2021-08-20 James White weighs in on performances by Cam Newton, Mac Jones vs. Eagles
2021-08-20 Rhamondre Stevenson hammers in his fourth TD of the preseason
2021-08-20 Adrian Colbert picks off Mullens' deflected pass
2021-08-20 Jakobi Meyers 8/19: 'It's a blessing just to be here'
2021-08-20 Harvey Langi on Interception 8/19: 'It felt like Christmas'
2021-08-20 Chase Winovich 8/19: 'We are headed in the right direction'
2021-08-20 Cam Newton 8/19: 'We try to go out and execute as best as possible'
2021-08-20 Bill Belichick 8/19: 'It's always good to put the ball in the endzone'
2021-08-20 Press Pass: Patriots react to preseason win over Eagles
2021-08-20 Full Patriots - Eagles Game Highlights | Preseason Week 2
2021-08-20 Bill Belichick 8/20: 'We need to go back to work and learn from the experience'
2021-08-20 Debrief: Recapping the win at Philadelphia 
2021-08-21 Week 2 Recap: Patriots in Philadelphia
2021-08-21 Cam Newton gives away footballs during touchdown celebration
2021-08-21 Top plays from Patriots running backs vs. Eagles Preseason Week 2
2021-08-22 Jerod Mayo 8/22: 'Right now we're just focusing on fundamentals'
2021-08-22 Josh McDaniels 8/22: 'My focus is on our offense improving'
2021-08-22 Mick Lombardi 8/22: 'We have to make sure we do our job everyday'
2021-08-23 Bill Belichick 8/23: 'Looking forward to working against the Giants'
2021-08-23 Yodny Cajuste 8/23: 'It feels amazing to be back out there'
2021-08-23 Isaiah Wynn 8/23: 'We need to continue to work and get better'
2021-08-23 Damien Harris 8/23: 'I'm continuing to try and get better every single day'
2021-08-23 Kyle Dugger 8/23: 'Being aggressive is almost always a good thing'
2021-08-23 Devin McCourty 8/23: 'You want to be a good defense and a dominating defense'
2021-08-24 Bill Belichick 8/24: 'Hopefully we can keep stacking the days together'
2021-08-24 Trent Brown 8/24: 'Nobody is bigger than the team, that is what is important here'
2021-08-24 Jonnu Smith 8/24: 'Joint practices get extremely competitive'
2021-08-24 Justin Bethel 8/24: 'This is the last chance you get to show what you can do'
2021-08-24 J.C. Jackson 8/24: 'I'm just trying to compete'
2021-08-24 Matthew Slater on Joint Practices 8/24: 'I'm sure we will be covering a lot of special teams situations'
2021-08-25 Jakob Johnson 8/25: 'I like to work really hard'
2021-08-25 James White on Sony Michel 8/25: 'Definitely going to miss him, best of luck to him'
2021-08-25 Deatrich Wise 8/25: 'Whether it's rain, sleet, snow, or blazing heat it doesn't matter'
2021-08-25 David Andrews 8/25: 'Yea it was hot, it just is what it is'
2021-08-25 Lawrence Guy 8/25: 'Every minute we are in the building is a learning experience'
2021-08-25 Press Pass: Day 1 of Practice with the Giants
2021-08-25 Debrief: Day 1 of Patriots Joint Practices with New York Giants
2021-08-26 Bill Belichick 8/26: 'It was a great learning experience for us'
2021-08-26 Kyle Van Noy 8/26: 'It's good to compete with each other and make each other better'
2021-08-26 Kristian Wilkerson 8/26: 'Fighting through and being mentally tough is the only thing you can do'
2021-08-26 Dont'a Hightower 8/26: 'It's always good to go against a team other than your own'
2021-08-26 Mac Jones 8/26: 'You just gotta keep pushing'
2021-08-26 Brian Hoyer 8/26: 'You have to be in constant communication'
2021-08-26 Debrief: Day 2 of Patriots Joint Practices with New York Giants
2021-08-27 Josh Uche on Matt Judon 8/27: 'It's definitely great to have a player you aspire to be like on your team'
2021-08-27 Joejuan Williams 8/27: 'I love the competition'
2021-08-27 Rhamondre Stevenson 8/27: 'I have to work hard and just stay focused'
2021-08-27 Chase Winovich 8/27: 'It comes down to believing in yourself'
2021-08-27 Mike Onwenu 8/27: 'I have learned how to work the Patriot way'
2021-08-27 Davon Godchaux 8/27: 'I am focusing on getting better each and every day'
2021-08-29 Patriots swarm Daniel Jones for 6-yard loss on sack
2021-08-29 D'Angelo Ross picks off Daniel Jones' cross-body pass in the end zone
2021-08-30 Rhamondre Stevenson bulls through Giants for FIFTH preseason TD
2021-08-30 Devin Asiasi's nifty adjustment nets 30-yard completion for Mac Jones
2021-08-30 Devin McCourty 8/29: 'I'm excited to take the field with this team'
2021-08-30 Matt Judon 8/29: 'I think it is going to be a very interesting year for us'
2021-08-30 Press Pass: Patriots react to preseason finale win over Giants
2021-08-30 Mac Jones 8/29: 'I'm focused on today'
2021-08-30 Bill Belichick 8/29: 'We made progress through the preseason'
2021-08-30 Full Patriots - Giants Game Highlights | Preseason Week 3
2021-08-30 Bill Belichick 8/30: 'We have a lot of roster decisions to make'
2021-08-31 Bill Belichick 8/31: 'There will be a lot of transactions'
2021-08-31 Adrian Phillips 8/31: 'Each year you see the college aspect of the game being carried over to the NFL'
2021-08-31 Mac Jones highlights 2021 preseason
2021-08-31 David Andrews on roster cutdowns 8/31: 'It's always a tough day in this business'
2021-08-31 James White 8/31: 'On this day every year you never really know what to expect'
2021-08-31 Debrief: 2021 Patriots roster cuts