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Videos - September 2021

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2021-09-01 Lawrence Guy wins 2021 Ron Burton Community Service Award
2021-09-01 2021 Patriots Premiere: Sights and Sounds
2021-09-01 Bill Belichick 9/1: 'The roster building process is far from complete'
2021-09-01 Patriots honor community heroes
2021-09-01 Press Pass: Mac Jones takes the reins
2021-09-02 J.C. Jackson 9/2: 'I'm going to embrace the challenge'
2021-09-02 Kendrick Bourne 9/2: 'I definitely have my own energy'
2021-09-02 Quinn Nordin 9/2: 'I'm trying to be the best I can'
2021-09-03 Former NFL WR David Patten passes away at age 47
2021-09-06 Bill Belichick on opening the season: 'We'll just have to see how everything comes together'
2021-09-06 Mike Giardi: How Pats are built to prop up rookie Mac Jones
2021-09-06 Steve Belichick 9/6: 'Just embracing every opportunity'
2021-09-06 Kyle Dugger 9/6: 'I'm hyped, I'm ready to go'
2021-09-06 Hunter Henry on Mac Jones 9/6: 'I'm excited to go out there and compete with him this weekend'
2021-09-06 Josh McDaniels 9/6: 'The best thing we can do is focus on the things we can control'
2021-09-06 Jonnu Smith 9/6: 'They're a good defense'
2021-09-08 Davon Godchaux on stopping the run 9/8: 'It's mostly about toughness' 
2021-09-08 Bill Belichick 9/8: 'We'll be ready to go on Sunday'
2021-09-08 Kyle Van Noy 9/8: 'We are excited to play an AFC East opponent' 
2021-09-08 David Andrews 9/8: 'They are familiar with us and we are familiar with them' 
2021-09-08 Devin McCourty on his brother 9/8: 'Nobody is coming to my house in Dolphins gear' 
2021-09-08 Trent Brown on Mac Jones 9/8: 'He is intense'
2021-09-08 Mac Jones 9/8: 'It comes down to winning and having fun' 
2021-09-08 Six local non-profits selected for Community Captains partnership
2021-09-09 Dont'a Hightower on being back 9/9: 'I'm definitely enjoying it a lot more than I did last year' 
2021-09-09 Matt Judon 9/9: 'I am ready to go out there and start the season' 
2021-09-09 Dolphins vs. Patriots preview Week 1
2021-09-09 Patriots 2001 Lookback: Game Highlights from Week 1 Patriots at Bengals
2021-09-09 One-on-one with David Andrews
2021-09-09 Tribute to Sam Cunningham
2021-09-09 Damien Harris 9/9: 'Overall we are trying to develop a great team chemistry' 
2021-09-09 Adrian Phillips on Miami receivers 9/9: 'They have a good combination of size and speed' 
2021-09-09 Kraft Family unveils 9/11 memorial garden at Patriot Place
2021-09-09 Jakobi Meyers 9/9: 'We have a great coaching staff that will put us in the right play'
2021-09-10 Week 1: Jakob Johnson catches up with Sebastian Vollmer
2021-09-10 WBZ's Game Day Forecast for Patriots vs Dolphins
2021-09-10 Coffee with the Coach: Preparing for the Dolphins
2021-09-10 Hype Video: Welcome Back New England
2021-09-10 Patriots Unfiltered: One on One with Devin McCourty
2021-09-10 Josh Uche 9/10: 'As a rusher you need to be ready for anything'
2021-09-10 James White on being named team captain 9/10: 'I don't take it lightly'
2021-09-10 Chase Winovich 9/10: 'It's up to us to get our bodies and minds ready to play'
2021-09-10 Press Pass: Preparing for Week 1
2021-09-11 Patriots All Access: Dolphins Preview
2021-09-11 Patriots This Week: Week 1 Preview
2021-09-11 Patriots Unfiltered TV: Miami Dolphins Preview, Devin McCourty One-on-One
2021-09-11 Looking back at the 20th Anniversary of 9/11
2021-09-12 Damien Harris hits turbo for 35 yards to start the game
2021-09-12 Van Noy, Hightower corral Tagovailoa for big third-down sack
2021-09-12 Mac Jones works progressions for third-down throw to Jakobi Meyers
2021-09-12 Mac Jones dissects Dolphins defense on 25-yard dart to Nelson Agholor
2021-09-12 Nelson Agholor returns ball to Mac Jones after catching rookie's first NFL TD
2021-09-12 Mac Jones lofts beautiful 26-yard bucket throw to James White
2021-09-12 Can't-Miss Play: Pats pressure Tagovailoa into Jones' bobbling, toe-tapping INT
2021-09-12 Dolphins vs. Patriots highlights Week 1
2021-09-13 James White 9/12: 'I don't take it lightly'
2021-09-13 Every Mac Jones play from NFL debut Week 1
2021-09-13 Bill Belichick 9/12: 'We just missed too many opportunities to win'
2021-09-13 Nelson Agholor 9/12: 'Good things will happen if we practice harder'
2021-09-13 Matt Judon 9/12: 'We need to look on film and see what we can do better'
2021-09-13 Mac Jones 9/12: 'We can do a better job'
2021-09-13 Damien Harris 9/12: 'I'm not going to let this mistake define me'
2021-09-13 What Went Wrong: Mistakes down the stretch cost the Patriots
2021-09-13 Press Pass: Patriots fall short 17-16
2021-09-13 Bill Belichick 9/13: 'There is certainly a lot of room for improvement in every area by all of us'
2021-09-13 Ja'Whaun Bentley 9/13: 'We're not going to let this one game to define our season'
2021-09-13 Devin McCourty 9/13: 'The sense of urgency has to happen right away'
2021-09-14 Jerod Mayo 9/14: 'What we look to improve on is consistency'
2021-09-14 Steve Belichick 9/14: 'We didn't coach it well enough and didn't play it well enough'
2021-09-14 Cam Achord on FG ranges 9/14: 'That depends on where you are kicking and what the elements are'
2021-09-14 Josh McDaniels 9/14: 'It was a close game and we competed hard'
2021-09-14 Press Pass: Coach Edition
2021-09-14 Coffee with the Coach: Switching focus to the Jets
2021-09-14 Sights and Sounds: Week 1 vs. Miami Dolphins
2021-09-15 Hunter Henry 9/15: 'We played a great game besides the turnovers and penalties'
2021-09-15 Mike Onwenu 9/15: 'We have to play complimentary football'
2021-09-15 Belestrator: Preparing for Zach Wilson and the New York Jets
2021-09-15 Patriots vs. Jets preview Week 2
2021-09-15 Joejuan Williams 9/15: 'I'm trying to get better every single day'
2021-09-15 Adrian Phillips 9/15: 'I'm a way better player than I was two years ago'
2021-09-15 Jakobi Meyers 9/15: 'I'm still learning'
2021-09-15 Bill Belichick 9/15: 'We all need to put the team first'
2021-09-16 James White 9/16: 'You have to be able to turn the page, win or lose'
2021-09-16 Press Pass: Switching focus to the New York Jets
2021-09-16 Deatrich Wise on Zach Wilson 9/16: 'We want to put pressure on him every play'
2021-09-16 Matthew Slater 9/16: 'You have to be able to hit the reset button in this league'
2021-09-16 Jake Bailey 9/16: 'It's easy to not get complacent here'
2021-09-17 Kendrick Bourne 9/17: 'They allow me to be myself here'
2021-09-17 Henry Anderson 9/17: 'Trying to do whatever I can throughout this week of preparation to be ready to play'
2021-09-17 Patriots Unfiltered: One on One with Jakobi Meyers
2021-09-17 Lawrence Guy 9/17: 'We got to go out there and compete on every down'
2021-09-18 Patriots All Access: Jets Preview
2021-09-18 Patriots Unfiltered TV: New York Jets Preview, Jakobi Meyers One-on-One
2021-09-19 Can't-Miss Play: Pats execute insane tip drill for INT of Wilson
2021-09-19 Adrian Phillips lays out to pick off Zach Wilson's deflected pass
2021-09-19 Double-pass alert! Mac Jones hits Jonnu Smith for tricky 19-yard pickup
2021-09-19 James White displays vision, quickness for shifty 7-yard TD
2021-09-19 J.C. Jackson's second INT is Pats' third of Zach Wilson
2021-09-19 Mac Jones drops 24-yard DIME in the bucket to Jakobi Meyers
2021-09-19 Can't-Miss Play: Damien Harris won't be denied Herculean 26-yard TD
2021-09-19 Devin McCourty looks like intended receiver on Pats' FOURTH INT of Wilson
2021-09-19 Zach Wilson can't get away from Carl Davis on big third-down sack
2021-09-19 Mac Jones dishes seam throw to open Hunter Henry for 32 yards
2021-09-19 J.C. Jackson 9/19: 'Make plays and your teammates feed off of it'
2021-09-19 Mac Jones best plays vs Jets Week 2
2021-09-19 Nick Folk 9/19: 'I've never been one for records'
2021-09-19 James White 9/19: 'We are going to continue to get better'
2021-09-19 Damien Harris on his touchdown run 9/19: 'Everybody was feeling the energy'
2021-09-19 Devin McCourty on creating pressure 9/19: 'I think we did a good job with that today.'
2021-09-19 NFL Week 2: Full highlights from Patriots at Jets
2021-09-19 Bill Belichick 9/19: 'I was proud of our football team today'
2021-09-19 Press Pass: Patriots react to 25-6 win 
2021-09-19 Mac Jones 9/19: 'We'll find ways to improve'
2021-09-19 What Went Right: Patriots defense steps up in New York
2021-09-21 Jerod Mayo on the Saints 9/21: 'This is a very explosive offense'
2021-09-21 Josh McDaniels 9/21: 'It was a very aggressive front that we saw in New York'
2021-09-21 Belichick Breakdown: Top plays against the New York Jets
2021-09-21 Ja'Whaun Bentley 9/21: 'It's a long season, we're just constantly building'
2021-09-21 Christian Barmore 9/21: 'Be the best player I can be here'
2021-09-21 Jalen Mills 9/21: 'Every game is a whole chapter'
2021-09-21 Josh Uche 9/21: 'Always an opportunity to get better at everything'
2021-09-21 Isaiah Wynn 9/21: 'We're going to be looking forward to stepping up to the challenge'
2021-09-22 Gunner Olszewski Returns to his Hometown in Texas
2021-09-22 Baldy's Breakdowns: Patriots' secondary dominated Jets in Week 2
2021-09-22 Dont'a Hightower on Jets game 9/22: 'There was a lot more energy'
2021-09-22 Lawrence Guy on Saints game 9/22: 'It's going to be a fun game to play'
2021-09-22 Bill Belichick 9/22: Saints are 'one of the best-coached teams in the league'
2021-09-22 Jonathan Jones on Saints 9/22: 'You have to look at them like individual chess pieces'
2021-09-22 Adrian Phillips on JC Jackson 9/22: 'Every squirrel finds a nut but the nuts find him, he's a ball magnet'
2021-09-22 Belestrator: Breaking down the Saints weapons
2021-09-22 Devin McCourty on the Saints 9/22: 'They're going to be ready to go'
2021-09-22 Shaq Mason on field goals 9/22: 'When you're in the red zone you want the touchdown, but points are points'
2021-09-22 David Andrews on Mac Jones 9/22: 'You have to build confidence in yourself and with each other and that's what he's doing'
2021-09-23 James White on Saints 9/23: 'We are going to be challenged in all three phases'
2021-09-23 Matthew Slater on Alvin Kamara 9/23: 'He can do it all. He is a great, great player'
2021-09-23 Press Pass: Getting ready for the New Orleans Saints
2021-09-23 Hunter Henry 9/23: 'This place demands a lot out of us'
2021-09-23 Jonnu Smith on the Saints 9/23: 'Much respect to the defense and those guys on that side of the ball'
2021-09-23 Nelson Agholor 9/23: 'We have a very calculated offense'
2021-09-23 Julian Edelman 9/23: 'Excited and thankful to be honored this weekend'
2021-09-23 Davon Godchaux 9/23: 'It's a copycat league'
2021-09-24 Patriots 2001 Lookback: Game Highlights from Week 2 Patriots vs Jets
2021-09-24 Patriots Unfiltered: One on One with Adrian Phillips
2021-09-24 Jakobi Meyers 9/24: 'Everybody has to do their jobs'
2021-09-24 Gunner Olszewski on the Saints 9/24: 'We've got our hands full this week'
2021-09-24 Jakob Johnson 9/24: 'You can really feel the energy on gameday'
2021-09-24 Matt Judon 9/24: 'We've got to harass Winston on every snap'
2021-09-25 Patriots All Access: Saints Preview
2021-09-25 Patriots This Week: Wrapping up the Jets and previewing the Saints
2021-09-25 Patriots Unfiltered TV: New Orleans Saints Preview, Adrian Phillips One-on-One
2021-09-26 Kendrick Bourne catches for a 31-yard Gain vs. New Orleans Saints
2021-09-26 Air-Bourne! Kendrick turns jump-ball into tightroping TD
2021-09-26 NFL Week 3: Full highlights from Saints at Patriots
2021-09-26 David Andrews 9/26: 'Just got to be better at everything we did'
2021-09-26 Kendrick Bourne 9/26: 'Some plays we really want back'
2021-09-26 Matt Judon 9/26: 'We've just gotta execute'
2021-09-26 Devin McCourty 9/26: 'It comes down to one drive, and we needed to make a stop'
2021-09-26 Bill Belichick 9/26: 'They were certainly the better team today'
2021-09-26 Mac Jones 9/26: 'It wasn't our day'
2021-09-26 What Went Wrong: Patriots turnovers end up costly in loss to the Saints
2021-09-26 Press Pass: Patriots react to 28-13 loss to Saints
2021-09-27 Bill Belichick 9/27: 'We need to do a better job in all areas'
2021-09-27 Jonnu Smith 9/27: 'Looking forward to moving forward'
2021-09-27 Chase Winovich 9/27: 'Focused on having a good week of preparation'
2021-09-27 Kyle Dugger 9/27: 'We have to see the mistakes so that we can fix them for the future'
2021-09-28 Cam Achord 9/28: 'We got to improve what we are doing out there'
2021-09-28 Ivan Fears 9/28: "I am very honored to have been part of a team with him"
2021-09-28 Josh McDaniels 9/28: 'Our role is to improve every player'
2021-09-28 LIVE: Patriots Hall of Fame Induction of Richard Seymour and Tracy Sormanti
2021-09-28 Sights and Sounds: Week 3 vs New Orleans Saints
2021-09-29 Coffee with the Coach: "[Brady's] got a good player to go to at pretty much every position"
2021-09-29 Jakobi Meyers 9/29: "Right now he's technically the enemy"
2021-09-29 Lawrence Guy 9/29: "Our focus is not on Tom Brady, it's on the Buccaneers"
2021-09-29 Looking back at 2001 Week 3: Tom Brady's first start for the Patriots
2021-09-29 WBZ's Game Day Forecast for Patriots vs Buccaneers
2021-09-29 Bill Belichick 9/29: "We're going to do all we can to make them not enjoy the night"
2021-09-29 Deatrich Wise Jr. 9/29: "This is just another game"
2021-09-29 David Andrews 9/29: "It's not Mac's job to go win the game, it's all eleven of us"
2021-09-29 Devin McCourty 9/29: "There's a host of really good players over there"
2021-09-29 Mac Jones 9/29: "It will be a great atmosphere"
2021-09-29 Belestrator: Breaking down the Buccaneers defense
2021-09-30 Hunter Henry 9/30: "We need to execute our game plan and take care of the ball"
2021-09-30 Matt Judon 9/30: "We are more focused on our gameplan"
2021-09-30 Press Pass: Ramping up for prime time matchup 
2021-09-30 Player 1-on-1 with Devin McCourty
2021-09-30 Jalen Mills 9/30: "We know we are not playing up to the Patriots standard"
2021-09-30 J.J. Taylor on James White 9/30: "He has been a mentor to me"
2021-09-30 Ja'Whaun Bentley 9/30: "We are excited for the opportunity to play and compete"