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Videos - January 2022

Published On Title
2022-01-01 Patriots All Access: Jaguars Preview
2022-01-01 Patriots Unfiltered on TV: Jaguars Coming to Foxborough, 1-on-1 with Matthew Slater
2022-01-02 Patriots honor John Madden during pregame tribute
2022-01-02 Damien Harris rushes for a 2-yard touchdown vs.  Jaguars
2022-01-02 Mac Jones finds Jakobi Meyers on third down to keep the chains moving
2022-01-02 Damien Harris' cutback leads to 14th TD of the season
2022-01-02 Lawrence's pass tips off Armstead's hands for Patriots INT
2022-01-02 Kristian Wilkerson reels in first career NFL TD
2022-01-02 J.C. Jackson hauls in 25th career INT, tying NFL record
2022-01-02 Mac Jones floats pass for 20th passing TD, breaking Patriots rookie record
2022-01-02 Mac Jones finds a WIDE open Kristian Wilkerson for 20-yard TD connection
2022-01-02 Rhamondre Stevenson dashes into the end zone for 1-yard rush TD
2022-01-02 Kendrick Bourne explodes for 46-yard catch and run down the sideline
2022-01-02 Rhamondre Stevenson turns the corner and punches in 6-yard rush TD
2022-01-02 Jakobi Meyers 1/2: "It was a good thing for us"
2022-01-02 David Andrews 1/2: "It was a good job by everyone"
2022-01-02 Kyle Dugger 1/2: "We just did our jobs and the result shows"
2022-01-02 Kristian Wilkerson 1/2: "Just trying to help the team win"
2022-01-02 J.C. Jackson on Interception 1/2: "There's more to come"
2022-01-02 Full Jaguars vs. Patriots Highlights: NFL Week 17
2022-01-02 Adrian Phillips 1/2: "It was a step in the right direction"
2022-01-02 Rhamondre Stevenson 1/2: "Being out there meant the world to me"
2022-01-02 Bill Belichick 1/2: "I thought we played well in all three phases"
2022-01-02 Matthew Judon 1/2: "It was good to get a win today"
2022-01-02 Mac Jones 1/2: "We played the game on our terms"
2022-01-02 Press Pass: Patriots players react to big win over Jacksonville
2022-01-02 What Went Right: Patriots clinch a playoff spot
2022-01-03 Kyle Van Noy: Patriots 'not done' after punching playoff ticket with Week 17 win vs. Jaguars
2022-01-03 Judon x Mac Fashion
2022-01-03 Kyle Van Noy 1/3: "We hold each other to a high standard here"
2022-01-03 Devin McCourty on clinching the playoffs 1/3: "It's why we play"
2022-01-04 Cameron Achord on Ivan Fears 1/4: "He's ready to go everyday"
2022-01-04 Josh McDaniels 1/4: "When you get positive results you gain confidence as a group"
2022-01-04 How Patriots could clinch AFC's No. 1 seed and AFC East title in Week 18
2022-01-04 Sights and Sounds: Week 17 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
2022-01-04 Belichick Breakdown: Key plays vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
2022-01-04 Coffee with the Coach: How much different is it to prepare for a left-handed QB?
2022-01-05 Dont'a Hightower 1/5: "All in all, we've grown together as a team"
2022-01-05 Bill Belichick on Dolphins 1/5: "They're solid in all three phases"
2022-01-05 Connecticut Family Receives Super Surprise from Robert Kraft
2022-01-05 Mac Jones 1/5: "We have to bring our 'A' game"
2022-01-05 Kendrick Bourne 1/5: "We've got a lot to play for"
2022-01-05 Jalen Mills 1/5: "It's always those little things"
2022-01-05 Hunter Henry 1/5: "I feel like I've become a better football player"
2022-01-05 Belestrator: Preparing for Miami's wide receivers
2022-01-06 Davon Godchaux 1/6: "I just think we need to keep applying pressure"
2022-01-06 Matthew Judon 1/6: "We just need to stay in the now, and handle our business in Miami"
2022-01-06 Press Pass: Patriots players discuss their upcoming trip to Miami
2022-01-06 Rhamondre Stevenson 1/6: "You always gotta make one or two people miss"
2022-01-06 AFC Playoff Picture: Week 18
2022-01-06 Ja'Whaun Bentley on playing Miami 1/6: "We gotta get ready to go"
2022-01-06 One-on-One with Brandon Bolden
2022-01-06 Do Your Life: Josh McDaniels
2022-01-06 Damien Harris Mic'd Up
2022-01-07 Patriots Unfiltered: One-on-One with Hunter Henry
2022-01-07 Bill Belichick 1/7: "I think we are in a competitive position"
2022-01-07 Adrian Phillips 1/7: "You always want to end the regular season on a high note"
2022-01-07 Matthew Slater 1/7: "I'm thankful for the opportunity to be playing football and competing with my teammates"
2022-01-08 Patriots All Access: Dolphins Preview
2022-01-08 Patriots This Week: Jaguars Lookback and Dolphins Preview
2022-01-08 Patriots Unfiltered on TV: Patriots Flying to Florida, 1-on-1 with Hunter Henry
2022-01-09 Kyle Van Noy ends Dolphins drive with third-down sack
2022-01-09 Patriots run screen to Kendrick Bourne for 18 yards
2022-01-09 Jakobi Meyers with a spectacular catch for a 28-yard gain
2022-01-10 Hunter Henry with a spectacular catch for a 32-yard gain
2022-01-10 Brandon Bolden catches for a 18-yard Touchdown
2022-01-10 Damien Harris rushes for a 1-yard touchdown
2022-01-10 Jakobi Meyers Mosses Dolphins DB on 39-yard catch
2022-01-10 Matthew Slater 1/9: "We know we can't play like that next week"
2022-01-10 Brandon Bolden 1/9: "We didn't execute as well as we should have"
2022-01-10 Devin McCourty 1/9: "We have to turn the page"
2022-01-10 Mac Jones 1/9: "We need to execute better and that starts with me"
2022-01-10 Full highlights from Patriots vs. Dolphins: NFL Week 18
2022-01-10 What Went Wrong: Turnover battle costs the Patriots
2022-01-10 Press Pass: Patriots players react to tough loss in Miami
2022-01-10 Bill Belichick 1/10: "We have a lot to get ready for"
2022-01-10 Nelson Agholor 1/10: "Getting the opportunity to play in the postseason is one that you have to appreciate"
2022-01-10 Where and when to watch Super Wild Card Weekend
2022-01-11 Cameron Achord 1/11: "We've got to put everything into this one"
2022-01-11 Josh McDaniels 1/11: "We are hard at work right now trying to put in the best plan we can"
2022-01-11 Next Gen Stats: Mac Jones' 5 most improbable completions 2021 regular season
2022-01-11 Jerod Mayo 1/11: "What's happened in the past really doesn't matter, going forward"
2022-01-11 Sights and Sounds: Week 18 vs Miami Dolphins
2022-01-11 Coffee with the Coach: How do you prepare to face a team for the third time in one year?
2022-01-12 Press Pass: Patriots Heading to Highmark Stadium
2022-01-12 Bill Belichick 1/12: "We know we are going to have to play our best game of the year"
2022-01-12 Mac Jones' top plays of the 2021 regular season
2022-01-12 How do the Patriots stop Josh Allen in crucial Super Wild Card Weekend showdown?
2022-01-12 Trent Brown 1/12: "At the end of the day, it's football"
2022-01-12 Matthew Judon 1/12: "We just gotta go out there and execute our gameplan"
2022-01-12 Mac Jones 1/12: "The goal is to prepare really hard and produce"
2022-01-12 Belestrator: Josh Allen, Devin Singletary and the Buffalo Bills offense
2022-01-12 Jakobi Meyers 1/12 : "We just have to go out there and be our best selves"
2022-01-12 Devin McCourty 1/12: "It comes down to getting it done"
2022-01-13 Bill Belichick on Bills offense 1/13: "They are hard to stop"
2022-01-13 Adrian Phillips 1/13: "It's on us to get it done"
2022-01-13 J.C. Jackson 1/13: "Everything counts now"
2022-01-13 Press Pass: Patriots players discuss upcoming trip to Buffalo
2022-01-13 One-on-One with David Andrews
2022-01-13 Kendrick Bourne 1/13: "Every play is important. Every detail is important"
2022-01-14 Patriots Unfiltered: One-on-One with Brandon Bolden
2022-01-15 Patriots All Access: Wild Card Round Preview
2022-01-15 Patriots Unfiltered on TV: Heading to Buffalo for the playoffs, 1-on-1 with Brandon Bolden 
2022-01-16 Mac Jones puts on scrambling clinic with 16-yard pickup
2022-01-16 Mac Jones lofts 19-yard throw to Jakobi Meyers on fourth down
2022-01-16 Nick Folk's 44-yard FG gets Patriots on board before halftime
2022-01-16 Kendrick Bourne turns Mac Jones' sideline dime into 43-yard catch and run
2022-01-16 Reverse! Mac Jones serves as lead blocker on Bourne's 14-yard gain on trick play
2022-01-16 Jones finds Bourne on fourth down for first NFL playoff TD connection
2022-01-16 Rhamondre Stevenson takes quick screen pass for 15-yard ride
2022-01-16 Matthew Judon 1/15: "It was their night tonight"
2022-01-16 Bill Belichick 1/15: "We just couldn't keep up with them"
2022-01-16 Mac Jones 1/15: "I wish I could have played better"
2022-01-16 Matthew Slater 1/15: "This team should be proud of the strides it made"
2022-01-16 What Went Wrong: Patriots fall in the playoffs
2022-01-16 Press Pass: Patriots players react to season-ending loss
2022-01-16 Bill Belichick on the offseason: "We will evaluate everything we do"
2022-01-17 Do Your Job: Patriots Team Plane
2022-01-17 Hunter Henry 1/17: "The biggest thing from this is how we grow, how we learn from this"
2022-01-17 Deatrich Wise Jr. 1/17: "There are a lot of things that we have learned from"
2022-01-17 Ted Karras 1/17: "We are all going to have to get back to work"
2022-01-17 Jakobi Meyers 1/17: "I feel like a much better player, a much better man"
2022-01-17 Adrian Phillips 1/17: "I feel like this team has accomplished a lot of things"
2022-01-18 Mac Jones' top plays 2021 season
2022-01-19 Patriots 2001 Lookback: Game Highlights from the Divisional Game Patriots vs Raiders
2022-01-22 Patriots All Access: Season Recap
2022-01-24 Top 10 Patriots plays 2021 season
2022-01-25 Lara visita a Escola Municipal México e leva energia dos Patriots para as crianças
2022-01-27 Lawrence Guy surprises family visiting Gillette Stadium